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3.7 Star Rating
Reviewed By Nathan Watson Video & Media

LG Electronics’ LED Projector PA75U is one of the newer projector that has been recently released. This projector can do a lot more than just project a screen. It allows everyone to access the internet as well. Places such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a web browser is just a click away.

This LED projector will also allow entertainment content through connectivity such as a cable box, blu-ray player, computer, internet and many other entertainment sources available.

Setup of LED Projector

There are several ways to setup this projector and all are very simple. The first method is to just place it on a table, let the projector sit on its rubber feet, and use the height adjustment to get the projection at the proper destination. The second method is to set it on a tripod style mount. It is compatible with it. The third method, my preferred method, is to mount it on the ceiling. The rubber feet has threading in them which i used to connected to my ceiling mount.

After deciding your preferred method on where to mount it, all that is left to do is to connect the cable box, blu-ray player or computer to it and start enjoying the projected screen.


The PA75U LED Projector is a very nice piece of hardware to stare at. I had this installed in my bedroom with it proudly hanging on the ceiling. It is covered in a glossy white finish that makes staring at it pleasing to my eyes. The projector is also thoroughly ventilated on both sides to make sure that it will never overheat while watching endless amounts of movies through the projector.

As for the connectivity options on the back, it includes:

  • HDMI input
  • USB input
  • RGB input
  • A/V input
  • Antenna input

Basically, it has all the standard options for connectivity to support mines and everyone’s preference.


The Projection of this LG LED projector is very bright. It has up to 700 lumen. Which means even if it is in the middle of the day, I can comfortably watch movies clearly. I tested this, and from the results i received from daytime watching versus nighttime watching, I truly realized what 700 lumen is capable of. Of course, using the projector at night is better, but the difference is minimal. And as an added bonus, I don’t get the visible glare I usually witness using my TV in the day.

Another reason why I love this projector is that it uses a LED bulb with an amazing lamp life of 30,000 hours. That means if I use the projector for about 3 hours a day and everyday, I would not have to change the LED bulb for another 27 years! If this projector had a regular bulb, I would need to change it about every year and that will cost me around $200. The money saved from using an LED bulb is astounding.

As for the screen resolution, I personally set the projection at 120″ to test and see if the picture quality is still there and I discovered that it still has colorful and sharp images. It was impressive, to say the least. Then I tested my cable box, blu-ray player and PS3. I was truly blown away at how clear the picture was. Remember, this is at 120″ screen setting. My eyes cannot accurately determine how HiDef it was, but it looked very similar as to how I watch it on my HD TV.

The biggest bonus to this projector is that it has 3D capabilities! All i had to do was use some cheap 3D glasses and switch to 3D mode and there it was, Avatar in 3D. It gives a theater-like experience.

Built-in Audio

The PA75U LED projector comes with built-in audio. The speakers only comes with 3 watts per channel, which is pretty low. So for me, the built-in audio is pretty useless. But for portable purposes, these built-in speakers can come in handy.

The projector also comes with an audio jack, giving me the option to plug in my headphones. This is a good alternative to the built-in speakers. Not only do I not have to settle for unsatisfactory sound, i can just plug in my high end headphones and enjoy quality sound and in privacy.

But the preferred and best option for me is to connect it to my already setup in-wall surround system. I tested it out and it was just like watching from my 60″ HD TV.

Dual Remotes

Surprisingly, the PA75U LG LED Projector comes with 2 remotes. One of it is the standard remote with full numerical pad, media control, shortcut keys and plenty of other technical control options.

The second remote is called the magic remote. This controller has an accelerometer that allows me to use motion gestures for a quicker and more responsive method to navigate through the projector option menu and LG Smart media.

Personally, I really appreciate having 2 different remotes. One is the more technical one with a lot of buttons and the other is a simple and fun remote for easy navigation and web browsing. I found myself using the magic remote more though since it is easier to control and more enjoyable to use.


From just glancing at this LG LED Projector, I can see that it is very portable. The size is small enough and light enough to drag around with you where ever you go. Although this projector is hanging on my ceiling, i can see how someone who travels and does a lot of presentation can benefit from this. The projector barely weighs 3 lbs! Basically, if you can drag a laptop around, carrying this around would be no different or even easier.

This projector also comes with a very nice carrying pouch. It has customized pockets for everything that you will need to bring to a presentation. The carrying case will fit the projector, remotes, power cords and and extra cables you would possibly need.

LG Smart Features

The media capabilities of this projector was very unpredictable since I didn’t expect much due to already having a powerful media player. The LG Smart features offer channels such as PLEX, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google map. You cannot access the popular ones such as Netflix, Amazon Video or Hulu Plus independently though. The way around that is to use PLEX and enjoy you favorite channels there. You can also browse the web with a virtual keyboard.

The media section is sup bar at best. There are better options out there but with the LG Smart Features, it prevents this projector from being a plain and boring projector. So the incentive is there and I don’t blame them.

The Good

  • Bright projection, can use in daytime
  • LED bulb, last a long time
  • Carrying case for portable use
  • Easy 3D setup
  • Integrated WiDi capabilities

The Bad

  • No zoom, but does have auto adjust
  • The focus wheel is loose, hard to get the right focus
  • Using projection during daytime isn’t perfect

Overall Verdict

The LG PA75U LED Projector is beautifully designed and is the perfect substitution for those who cannot afford an expensive television set over 50″. I set my projector at 80″, but I tested it up to 120″ and the picture resolution is still nice to stare at.

You can easily save money by purchasing this projector instead of a new 3D TV. You can get this projector for $649. You cannot find a great 3D TV at that price. So, I definitely recommend this projector for those who cannot afford a 50″ 3D TV or larger.

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Hi,Is it possible to play PS3 3 d Games on this proj.. How is the graphics clarity..


Yes it looks amazing


I love this projector! I haven’t tried out the 3d at home yet because we were looking around at DLP ready glasses. So you used regular, every day 3d glasses and it works too?


I agree with you Nathan. This really does replace a TV. if what you say about the bulb lifetime is true, then that’s freaking awesome! I convinced my roommates to pitch in to get this projector. we had a crappy square TV that’s like from the 90′s. Now, me and my roommates are watching 3d movies.


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