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iMemories is a home video transfer service which will transfer any home videos or photos to DVD. As you already know no one uses videotapes anymore because they aren’t reliable as a DVD. If you have important VHS tapes or any old home video format laying around, I would get them converted to DVD with iMemories as soon as possible before they deteriorate as time passes.

Supported iMemories Format

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Betamax
  • 8mm
  • MiniDV
  • Super 8
  • 8mm & 16mm

iMemories Pricing

  • $9.99 per videotape or 50 ft of film reel to convert it to Digital Format
  • $9.99 extra if you want it on a DVD

The total cost of converting a video tape or other supported formats to DVD will be $20. This is a bit on the expensive side and will quickly add up if you have a lot, but it’s worth it if your tapes are important to you.

The iMemories Process

It’s a simple process to get all of your old home video formats converted to DVD. This is how the process of getting your home videos to DVD will go…

  1. Sign up with iMemories and send your home videos to the address they give you. I would recommend going to the nearest UPS store as they will have boxes, tapes and labels to help you package your videos. The UPS store will also give you a tracking number to track your package at all times.
  2. Once iMemories receives your home video, they will convert them to digital format in which you can watch online. You can also share with family and friends. Your videos will be on a secure and private online account in which you can only access. You can also select which scenes to include or exclude from your DVD (if you selected that option).
  3. If you selected the DVD option which cost $9.99, iMemories will convert it into DVD format which can be viewed in any DVD player.
  4. iMemories will return all of the items you sent them along with your new DVD.

That’s it! The whole process will take around 2-3 weeks. You can request rush service for an additional cost if you think the wait time is too long.

Is iMemories Worth The Price?

Although $20 to convert a VHS to DVD is somewhat on the expensive side, I have to say it’s worth it based on the value of your VHS tapes or other home video format alone. You can’t put a price on memories and we all know that VHS tapes will not last forever. Every time you watch your VHS tapes, it will deteriorate each time.

The fact that iMemories will let you watch your videos online before they make your DVDs so you can organize and label your discs is great since you can delete scenes you don’t want. This will make your new DVD better than the originals.

If you aren’t sure if iMemories is for you yet, I would recommend sending in one or two tapes for them to convert.

iMemories Pro & Cons

Pros: Just send in your video and iMemories will convert them to DVD.

Cons: Took 3 weeks for the whole process.

Final Thoughts on iMemories

imemories vhsEven if you decide to not use iMemories to convert your old memories to DVD, you should get them converted manually or with another service as your memories will be gone forever if you wait too long. The price and the 3 weeks wait for my old memories to get converted is the only things I’m not too happy with, but it’s worth it to keep your memories forever.

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Hi. I have a Panosonic VHS TO DVD recorder……… Its really too bad this Company is charging so much for something that costs Pennies + time to transfer…… DVDs are Very cheap now a days….. Just like to inform Honest people there is a way to DIY.
Thanx for your time.


I sent in a pile of family memories and they did a great job restoring and had everything turned over in about a week. The quality was enhanced and for videos that were degraded they made individual files of pieces they could recover which was delightful knowing how these videos were stored. Over all the $20 price per tape is very worth it.


I had a horrible experience. I took in a large group of VHS tapes, in number order and asked them to put them on a dvd in that order for me. When I got them back, tapes were all over the place. I have a nuerological disorder am not able to re-do all of it so asked for help. They said they couldn’t help at all, don’t do tutoring, etc. They offered no recourse whatsoever. I was crushed and left out in the cold. These were tapes of our family history from the 30’s on up. I am now paying every month to have them archived by them until I can hopefully regain my health or find a tutor. Heart renching experience.


This is from imemories


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