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Reviewed By Nathan Watson Computer

These days just about everyone is using iTunes to manage their music library as iPhone, iPod, and iPhone are very popular. iTunes is easy to use, configure, backup data, and contains all the features the average iTunes user will need. The only problem with iTunes is it doesn’t cater to the heavy music user. This is where Rinse My Music comes in and promises to fix these problems.

Rinse My Music is a software and NOT an add-on to iTunes. It’s a third party software that will quickly organize and repair your music library. The newest Rinse My Music version includes an optional toolbar in iTunes which lets you easily launch Rinse within iTunes:

If your iTunes contains a huge selection of  albums with no album art or misspelled artist’s name, title or other information then I would recommend Rinse My Music.

Rinse My Music Features

  • Adding Album Art To Your Library – This is one of my favorite feature from Rinse as adding high quality album art to your library makes it look ten times better. I hate albums that have no album art. Let Rinse My Music automatically add high resolution album arts for you.
  • Fixing Misspelled Songs’s Information – We’ve all had the “Track 01”, songs with the slightly misspelled titles, or songs with just the wrong title. It’s extremely annoying to not know what songs you have without having to press the play button. Rinse My Music fixes this problem by automatically fixing your whole collection OR one song at a time. So instead of tracks like “Track 01” or the misspelled titles, you will get the proper Song’s title, Artists and Album Details making your iTunes library beautiful again.
  • No More Duplicate Songs – If your music collection is large, it’s common to have a couple of the same songs. Rinse can help you remove duplicate songs to free computer space and keep your music collection organized.
  • Filling in the Blanks – Rinse can automatically fill in the missing artists, albums, genres, dates and more.
  • iTunes Genres – You can organize your iTunes music library with genres

Rinse My Music is a smart program which doesn’t rely on the information provided by your albums or song. This mean it doesn’t matter if your albums has no art, no title or no artist name. It has a large database which it compares your songs to it’s own.

rinse my music

Rinse works great and it will make your iTunes music collection a lot better. The Rinse software works smoothly and it loads quick. It’s easy to setup and use. You don’t even need to read the help files to figure out how to install and use the software.

Cost of Rinse My Music

The cost of Rinse My Music comes out to $39.99 which isn’t expensive but isn’t cheap either. It’s somewhere in the middle, but it’s worth the asking price if you have a large collection of music in your iTunes which needs to be organized. Rinse does offer a free trial so I would recommend downloading a free copy and test it out for yourself before you purchase it.

Update: Rinse my Music is no longer for sale. Try Media Monkey Instead.

Download Media Monkey

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Cannot stress enough how much i hate rinse. It deleted all the album covers it was suppose to fix, I though couldn’t get the plug in to delete. Had to do a complete restore of my iPod and manually add back all the screwed up information.


I have thousands of songs so I really needed something like rinse my music. I’m now glad that I went ahead and brought rinse as it’s made my itunes library look 10 times better. It runs smooth and doesn’t lag itunes


Rinse worked fine for awhile but then I ran into an error loading it. Support was of NO HELP. would be a great software if it already had support…


It does what it’s suppose to: keeping your itunes library clean and neat. I really love the album finder feature as I can’t stand albums with no covers. The software runs and loads fast so no complaints there.


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