Bose Soundlink Mini: The New Portable BoomBox Review

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Reviewed By Nathan Watson Audio

Bose has delivered a new portable speakers called the Soundlink Mini. It is extremely portable due to its low weight of 1.5 pounds. Although small, these miniature speakers will supply quality sound and clarity almost similar to high end audio equipment.

The purpose of the Soundlink Mini is to allow everyone and myself to enjoy music on the go everywhere with integrated Bluetooth technology. If you own a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other devices with Bluetooth capabilities, these mini speakers will grant you quality sounds for music or video anytime.


The setup for the Bose Soundlink Mini is relatively easy. All you have to do is have a device with Bluetooth capabilities such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Then press the Bluetooth button on the Soundlink Mini and turn on your Bluetooth device on you smartphone, tablet or laptop to search for it. Then it will sync and you can now stream music onto the speakers.

The awesome part about the setup for the Soundlink Mini is that it can memorize up to 6 different devices. So for example once a device is synced to the speakers, re-establishing the connection at a later time will be quick and simple.

These portable speakers also has an auxiliary(AUX) input for devices that doesn’t have Bluetooth technology. This feature is very beneficial for older devices.


The Bose Soundlink Mini has a simple design yet procures a very modern aura to it. These mini speakers is completely covered with an aluminum shell that gives it a bit of weight, which is nice and solid. It doesn’t have that “cheap” feel to it like some of those other devices that are made out of plastic.

I am also relieved that Bose has not decided to give these mini speakers some outlandish colors like their competitors. The Soundlink Mini exhibits a very clean and neutral metallic finish that can be displayed proudly at any event or location.

Bose has also integrated a vibration reduction feature that limits the amount of rattling and shaking that may occur to prevent it from falling over. Rubber feet are also added to stabilize these mini speakers on whatever material it is mounted on.

Audio Performance

The audio performance of the Soundlink Mini are very pleasing to my ears. I experimented with all genres of music with different ranges of bass, high/lows and volume. For a speaker the size of my palm, I believe these absolutely passes with high marks. The sound emitted from these speakers has quality and clarity.

But when compared to bigger and more quality speakers, the Soundlink Mini are clearly not on par. The base is loud but at the same time, it is not tight or powerful. Also when I turn the volume to its maximum capacity, music began distorting and the quality/clarity that used to be present, began diminishing.

Also, the Soundlink Mini has been reported to have a range of 30ft. I have taken the initiative to bring these speakers outside to test if it were true and the results coincide with what has been reported. I used it at parks, conventions, beaches, restaurants and coffee houses. At each location, the audio was distinct and apparent even through crowd noises.

At the end of the day, these miniature speakers can deliver an impressive amount of sound for its size. Although it cannot compete with larger size speakers, the portability of these speakers definitely accommodates for what it lacks.

Battery Duration

The Bose Soundlink Mini offers 2 methods of charging. You can use the charging cradle that is designed for use when at home or you can plug it right into the speaker’s AC input when traveling.

Personally, I use the charging cradle for all charging purposes, whether I am at home or when I am traveling. The charging cradle is small enough that if you don’t mind carrying the Soundlink Mini around, then you wouldn’t mind having to lug around the cradle either.

As for the battery duration, the Soundlink Mini has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is built to last a long time. According to Bose, these portable speakers can have a duration of up to 7 hours of music playtime and the complete charging time for the battery would take 3 hours. I tested this myself and I can assure you that I definitely received close to 7 hours of playtime.

Soft Covers

Bose offers a protective soft cover for the Bose Soundlink Mini. It comes in 3 unfavorable colors of green, blue and orange. It is made out of a flexible rubber that, from a glance, seems like it can absorb some damage. The soft cover cost me $25.

I purchased the orange soft cover just for myself to test the protection and durability of it. While it achieved its objective of protecting the Soundlink Mini from scratches and dents, these soft covers unquestionably come in hideous colors. At least, I can charge the mini speakers on the cradle charger with the covers on. But the fact that these soft covers are limited in colors and is an additional fee, I would rather just keep my Soundlink Mini in the nude and at the same time display the sleek metallic design.

The Pros

  • Beautiful design
  • Long battery life
  • Charging cradle

The Cons

  • No remote
  • Limited choices of soft covers
  • Soft covers cost extra

Overall Verdict

The one thing that Bose is known for is the quality sound their products produces. I can attest to that since my living room is decked out in Bose home theater system and my car has Bose speakers as well. So, when it comes to Bose Soundlink Mini, You can be sure that it is another quality item.

Although the Soundlink Mini is aggressively priced at $199 compared to their competitors, I would still recommend getting this product due to all the features and great sound quality that you will definitely be able to experience.

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