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The Mobius 1080P HD Action Camera is a mini camera measuring at only 2x1x1 inches big and 1.2 oz in weight. It’s just a bit bigger than my car remote. Although it’s small in size, it comes with many features. The Mobius ActionCam records videos at 1080p resolution at 30fps or 720p at 60fps.


  • 1080P 30FPS or 720p 60FPS recordings
  • 80 minutes battery life on a full charge
  • Records in loops or can be used as a camera for still images
  • Compatible with up to 32GB SD Card


The Mobius Action Camera looks and feels like a car remote. There is nothing special about the design, but I like that it’s small and light.

The front shows the camera lens, buttons and the heat sink. The heat sink gets a bit hot when you have been recording for awhile so be careful when touching it. It also comes with a camera lens cap to keep your lens protected when you are not using the device.

The back of the Mobius. Shows The USB slot, SD Card slot, and rear LED.

The Mobius ActionCam on a mini tripod. It’s small and stable.

The device is so small that it could be used as a spy camera. It looks just like a car remote so no one will know it’s a camera unless they come for a close up look.

Functions & Buttons

No instructions were included with the Mobius Action Camera, so I had to do a bit of searching to find help. I found this site: which includes the Mobius manual and even the software for it. This site looks like it’s fan made and NOT the official Mobius site so if you decide to download anything from here, do it as your own risk.

There is no LCD screen to guide you on the Mobius camera so you will have to read the manual to find out what the buttons do and what the LED status mean.

The image above shows where the buttons are located on the Mobius ActionCam. This image was taken from the unofficial Mobius Manual.

The Mobius Action Camera may be confusing to use at first since there is no LCD screen to guide you, but it’s actually simple once you read the Mobius Manual.

Basically, you just press the “M” (Mode) button to change modes then press the Shutter Button to start that mode. By default, Mode 1 will record in 1080p at 30fps and Mode 2 will record in 720p at 60fps.

  • Yellow LED  remains on –  The camera is in mode 1 and is on standby
  • Yellow LED flashes –  The camera is in mode 1 and recording video in 1080p 30FPS.
  • Blue LED remains on –  The camera is in mode 2  and is on standby.
  • Blue LED flashes – The camera is in mode 2 and recording video in 720p 60FPS.
  • Red LED remains on – The camera is in photo mode
  • Red LED flashes once – The camera has taken a picture
  • Green LED is on – The battery is charging


The Mobius ActionCam does not come with any official software that I know of, but you can get the unofficial Mobius ActionCam software at It’s for Windows only. Download at your own risk.

The software is well made and allows you to change the basic settings, global recording settings, and video mode settings. You can also update the camera’s firmware. I can confirm that the software is able to change settings and update the firmware. I currently have the latest firmware for the Mobius. I would recommend you download this software as you can change a lot of settings on the Mobius ActionCam.

Again, this software is not the official Mobius software so download and use it at your own risk.

Video & Audio Quality

The Mobius ActionCam records excellent videos when there’s a lot of light, but has a bit of a problem recording videos in low light. The quality isn’t great when recording in low light environments. The audio is clear and crisp at 512Kps PCM.

The device will record videos in loops. It comes in 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and max video settings. The max setting will record videos until the file size reaches 4GB in file size. I had mines set to 10 minutes which came up to 1.1GB at 1080p 30FPS.

All action cameras are automatically compared to the GoPro as it’s the market leader of action cameras. So Here’s a video comparing the Mobius and GoPro:

If you want to see more videos from the Mobius 1080p HD Action Camera, check out the thread at Lots of owners have uploaded videos of their Mobius in action.

Mounts & Accessories

The Mobius 1080P HD Action Camera comes with…

  • The Mobius ActionCam
  • Attachment Sleeve
  • Velcro Mount
  • Bike Handlebar Mount
  • Car Windshield Mount
  • Helmet Mount
  • Mini Tripod
  • USB Cable
  • Car Adapter


  • Mini camera measures at only 2x1x1 inches and weights only 1.2 oz
  • Records at 1080p 30FPS or 720p 60FPS
  • Easy to use (once you read the manual from the fan site)


  • Quality isn’t that good when recording in low light environments
  • No LCD screen
  • Not waterproof (a waterproof case is coming soon)

Final Thoughts

The Mobius ActionCam is being sold as an action camera, but it’s small enough to also be used as a spy cam if you wish. Since the Mobius ActionCam is so small, it’s perfect for attaching it on RC Helicopters to record aerial videos or other RC devices. The Mobius ActionCam is a must have if you plan on attaching it to RC devices.

You can also use the Mobius as a car camera with the included car windshield mount. Since you will be looking at the rear of the camera when it’s attached to your car windshield, it comes rear lights to let you know that it’s recording.

The Mobius ActionCam also comes with a still photo feature that will snap a photo when you press the shutter button. The photo quality is nice.

I was disappointed at first because there was no LCD screen, but quickly got over it after using it for a couple of minutes. A LCD screen would be nice to guide me, but it’s still very simple to use once you know what all the LED status lights mean.

The Mobius 1080P HD Action Camera is a great device especially for it’s size and weight. The video quality is great when not recording in low light environments. The audio is clean and clear. It’s a great value for a Action Camera priced at under $80.

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