Top Three Shared Hosting for WordPress 2021

The majority of the web host out there will allow WordPress as it’s just a script but to efficiently run WordPress, you will need a good host. You do not need a dedicated server or VPS if you aren’t getting much traffic so I would recommend starting off with a good shared hosting at first and¬†move your website once it gets popular.

I’ve been with many shared host in the past and here are my top three shared web hosting for WordPress:

1. HostGator

I’m a big fan of HostGator as they always provide the best support with the best pricing on their shared hosting. This site is hosted on HostGator and it’s a WordPress site so I’m recommending HostGator from personal experiences.

I would recommend the Shared Baby Plan from HostGator as it will allow you to have unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for $10/month.

Installing WordPress with HostGator is extremely simple. You just login into your cPanel and access their auto WordPress install script. That’s it.

I currently have 15 WordPress active plugins and my website still loads fast without any problems. My website is currently two years old and I haven’t ran into any problems regarding WordPress and HostGator.

HostGator offers a 20% discount for the first month so check them out.

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2.) BlueHost

BlueHost is my second favorite shared hosting for WordPress. I still have an active account with them as I think it’s better to spread your websites to many different hosts if you have a lot of websites.

BlueHost comes with Auto-Install, unlimited disk storage, unlimited data transfer and unlimited domains on your account.

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3.) DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the host that is recommended by so while I was still a new at the time, I signed up for DreamHost. I had no regrets though as I still think DreamHost is one of the better shared hosting for WordPress.

You can install WordPress with their 1-click install and auto updates. You also get unlimited storage, bandwidth, SSDs, unlimited domain hosting, 24/7 support and 100% up time guarantee.

DreamHost also offers a service called WordPress Hosting that is super-charged, optimized and ready to scale managed WordPress hosting.

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