Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Bluetooth speakers are great for listening to music from iPhone or Android devices. You can seamlessly stream your music and programming straight from your Bluetooth speakers. Portable Bluetooth speakers should be small, light, wireless and powerful. Here’s our list for the top three Portable Bluetooth speakers based on quality and price:

1: Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker (Model: 359037-1300)

The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speakers weights only 1.5 pounds and measures at 2.3×7.1×2 inches. The SoundLink Mini offers advanced audio performance that delivers full-range listening experience. It’s the most compact mobile speaker from Bose and will last 7 hours on a full charge.

These SoundLink Mini has a range of 30 feet. It can easily connect to your smartphones or other Bluetooth devices. These little Boss speaker has a lot of power for something so little. You’ll be surprised.

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2: Jawbone JamBox

The Jawbone JamBox comes in many colors: black diamond, black platinum, gold hex, gray hex, purple hex, and red dot. The Jawbone JamBox has two high powerful acoustic drivers and ultra-small dome to produce a wide audio spectrum. The JamBox will last up to 10 hours.

The JAMBOX by jawbone is one of the best sounding wireless speaker and sneakerphone around for a affordable price. Connect your music and movies to the Jambox and watch it come alive.

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3: Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are from Logitech, a company that you can trust when it comes to quality. The Ultimate Ears BOOM comes in black, blue, green, pink, red, and white.

Ultimate Ears BOOM is a 360-degree speaker that drops sound in every direction. It’s small and light so can be stored anywhere. The batteries will last up to 15 hours of playback on a full charge.

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