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Social networks are very popular these days and will continue to grow in the future. Facebook is currently the #2 in the world in terms in traffic and Twitter is #8 in the world. People just love social networks and it’s the future of the internet. Even Google is trying to get a piece of that traffic with Google+. The problem is it’s hard to get into this game unless you have a group of programmers and thousands of dollars to build you your very own Social Network. That was true until SocialEngine, a software which allowed regular users to create their own social network without any programming or designing skills.

SocialEngine is a PHP-based social networking platform which provides features similar to a social network allowing users to create and host their very own network similar to Facebook. SocialEngine was launched in 2007 so they have a lot of experience in the social networking field. It’s a company you can trust when it comes to building your social network.

SocialEngine Features

  • Easily build your own community without programming or design skills
  • Easy user interface (drag and drop)
  • 100% ownership and control of our social network
  • No links that will link back to SocialEngine
  • Unencrypted source code
  • Flexibility to implement your dream social network
  • Customized it to your liking
  • Third-Party plugins and themes
  • One time fee. No monthly fees
  • Expert Support

Build The Next Hot Social Network

Do you have an idea that could be the next Facebook or twitter? Make it come alive with SocialEngine. You can make your ideas come true with SocialEngine. Even without programming or designing skills, you will be able to create and design your own social network. SocialEngine makes it extremely easy with their drag and drop user interface.

Let’s be real though, there is a very slim chance that you will reach the status of Facebook or twitter, but you can still make a lot of money with your social network if you can come up with an idea that a small group of people will be interested in.

This is YOUR Social Network

Unlike other similar tools, SocialEngine lets you host it on your own hosting account meaning you are in 100% control of your network and content. There is no branding or linking back to SocialEngine meaning there is no way anyone would be able to tell that you are using SocialEngine to create your social network.

Unencrypted Source Code and Plug-ins

I love that the source code isn’t encrypted because you are able to completely change the way SocialEngine works if you wanted to. With a bit of programming skills you can do a lot of amazing things to SocialEngine. It’s 100% open source. No programming skills? It’s no problem as there are tons of plugins such as photo albums, blogs, events, groups, forums, chat, video sharing, music sharing, classifieds, polls, mobile and more to help you customize your Social Network.

The only negative thing I can say about the plug-ins is that the SocialEngine’s official plug-ins are not free. These plug-ins will cost $30-$40 per plugin. On a positive note, the community plugins which are developed by the SocialEngine community are 100% free.

Cost Of SocialEngine

The cost of SocialEngine is $299, but it’s just a basic social networking script at this price. You will need plugins which will cost $30-$40 per plugin to make it a social network you can be proud of. Adding all the plug-ins to the SocialEngine core will cost you exactly $669. It’s expensive with all the plug-ins, but it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a group of programmers and designers.

Is SocialEngine Worth The Asking Price?

Although the price of $669 for the SocialEngine core and all of the plugins is expensive and unappealing, it’s one of the best social network software out there allowing users to create their very own social network. If you promote your website correctly, you can easily make that money back plus a lot more. SocialEngine has been out for a long time so there is very little bugs and the support is great. You are paying for the quality of SocialEngine, the reliability, and the support.

There are a lot of cheaper scripts or even free software that will let you build your own social network, but it doesn’t come close to the quality, features and how reliable SocialEngine is.

If you have the money, I would recommend SocialEngine to build your next social network website, but if you are struggling for money then there are a couple of free ones out there that is similar to SocialEngine but with less features, less reliable and the quality isn’t at the level of SocialEngine.


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Worst Support Ever
April 17, 2014 10:23 pm

We bought Social Engine and let me first say that concept is great, the program is great but if you are looking for any support you have came to the wrong place. Their support really is not top notch and if you do fill out a support ticket it takes sometimes days before they will answer and then will only point you to link for you to read. As far as we are concerned Social Engine Support is the worst and even Facebook as better support then these guys. They won’t help you when it is needed, you can ask but they wont so anything. We paid 700.00 for the highest level and that comes with support, they even said they would install but we ended up doing it ourselves.


This is Shivani, Product Owner of SocialEngine PHP.
We’re sorry to hear about the trouble that you had to face and your experience with the SocialEngine’s support its services.

Over the last one year, we’ve put in a lot of efforts in improving our support and services. Customer service resides in the heart of our business model now.

We’ve also taken our public bug tracker to another level by recently moving it to GitHub (, and that provides for complete transparency and helps us consolidate feedback from our awesome community. This clearly says that we don’t encourage our customers to purchase support extension to report well-demonstrated bugs in the software. If there are any bug reports or feature suggestions, they can report them to us via GitHub and we take appropriate actions on such issues.

SocialEngine believes in building its scale and strategies for the benefit of its customers.


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