Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus HX6972 Review

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Reviewed By Nathan Watson Tech

The Philips Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare Plus is my favorite model from the Sonicare line featuring five brush modes. The Philips Sonicare HX6972 comes with everything you need for a complete oral care. It’s much better than using a manual toothbrush.

Philips Sonicare HX6972


  • Improve gun health within two weeks with the “Gum Care” mode
  • Decreases gum bleeding and help prevent gum recession
  • Brush head removes plaque along the gum line
  • Patented sonic technology drives fluid to stimulate gums
  • Includes a UV sanitizer which will kill 99 percent of bacteria and viruses from your brush head
  • Rechargeable. A single charge will last up to three weeks

The Philips Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare is a rechargeable toothbrush that comes in five brushing modes which will remove plaque deep between teeth and alone the gum line to decrease the risk of getting gingivitis.  Also, you will improve your gum health within a two week period. This HX6972 model also comes with back lighting which indicates your brushing mode and a UV brush-head sanitizer which will kill up to 99 percent of bacteria and viruses from the Sonicare brush head.

Improves Gum Health in Two weeks

gum health

The Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare will clean along the gum line which will remove plaque while stimulating the gums. This means there will be less gum pain and less bleeding. Most adults suffer from gum disease at least once in their lives so the FlexCare will definitely help you and your gums. An important party of maintaining good oral health is to have your teeth cleaned regularly.

Gently but Powerful Cleaning

The Philips Sonicare FlexCare uses the Sonic technology which will provide up to 31,000 movements per minute.  The motions drive fluids deep into tight spaces between your teeth and along your gum line which will give you a cleaner and healthier mouth.

ProResults Brush Heads

There are two brush heads which are included when you buy the Philips Sonicare HX6972 Flexcare Plus model. One is a standard ProResults brush head and the other is a compact ProResults Brush head. Each of these brush heads will clean along the gum and remove diseases-causing plaque for a effective cleaning.

Five Brushing Modes

The Philips Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare Plus comes with five brushing modes so you can personalize your brushing depending on your oral-care needs. This will improve the health of your gums. The gum care mode will provide two minutes of complete whole-mouth cleaning and one minute of gentle cleaning for problem areas. Brushing in the gum care mode will improve your gum health by reducing inflammation, recession and bleeding.

Message mode also improves gum health to drive fluids between teeth to fight plaque and stimulate the gums. Clean mode is for a complete cleaning. The refresh mode is for touch-ups and quick cleanings. Finally, the fifth and final sensitive mode is extra gentle for people with sensitive teeth. A illuminated display will indicate which mode you have selected.

Smart timer, Easy Start option & Quadpacer

The Sonicare features an “Easy-start” option that will gently increase the toothbrush’s power over the first 12 users so you can adjust to the sonic technology. This is great for new users.

To insure proper brushing, the Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare Plus features two timers. The smart timer will encourage you to brush for a full two minutes which is recommended by dentists. Also, the Quadpacer beeps in 30-second intervals to make sure you are brushing properly for all four quadrants of your mouth.

Philips Sonicare HX6972 FlexCare Plus Review

I’ve been a fan of the Philips Sonicare for years and I’ve had the HX6972 FlexCare plus model for a few months now and It’s definitely the best model at the moment. It’s a lot better than my old Sonicare model which was a shock because I loved my old model.

This is one of the best investment for your dental hygiene which is a must buy. There are a lot of improvements in this FlexCare plus model and you will notice a big difference in improvements. This is a upgrade you must get if you have an old Sonicare product laying around.

Buy Sonicare FlexCare Plus

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Philips Sonicare are always coming up with top quality tooth brushes so it’s no surprise this model is also great


I have been using the old sonicare for years and decided it was time to upgrade. This model is 10 times as good as my old model. It just does everything better from cleaning my teeth to the new features.

If you’ve had a sonicare before, you know how long they last so it was a no brainier for me to upgrade


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