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You might know about Schedulicity from it’s online appointment scheduling features which will allow customers to easily make appointments for thousands of businesses listed, but did you know that Schedulicity also offer their services to businesses? It’s a must have if your business allows scheduling. As of writing this, 11+ million appointments and $1.1 billion worth of appointments have been booked through Schedulicity. Wouldn’t it be nice if your business got a piece of that money?

Schedulicity For Your Business

One of the most challenging thing of running a business is filling in empty time slots. You are losing money for every empty time slot you have. This is where Schedulicity comes in to help your business. Schedulicity is the world’s #1 online calender which will allow easy to use online scheduling solution from anywhere.

Schedulicity has already made 11+ million appointments which you and your business should want a piece of the action. This is the #1 online appointment booking website and this is the first website users visits to book their appointment. If your business is not listed on here, you are losing money. Schedulicity will make it easier to manage your clients and appointments giving you more time to work on expanding your business.

Schedulicity Pricing

Schedulicity starts at $19.95/month for a single user or $39.95/month for multiple users. If you have more than one users such as staff members you want accessing your Schedulicity account, then the multiple user for $39.95/month is what you are looking for. Otherwise, I would go with the single user plan.

Features Of  Schedulicity

  • Reduce no-shows by a stunning 70%
  • Check your schedule anywhere or at any time
  • Fill in gaps in your schedule
  • Allow clients to self-book
  • Communicate better with your clients
  • Email marketing, client marketing, and social media tools
  • Business reports
  • Premium mobile features
  • Unlimited online scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Free setup, support and training
  • Class Scheduling (no extra charges)

Easily The World’s Best Online Calender

Schedulicity makes it easy to move and make appointments with…

  • Drag & drop appointments
  • Easily manage appointments
  • Color coding of appointments making it easy to view
  • Manage daily schedule
  • View daily and weekly appointments
  • Clients book for free
  • Reliability+ (reduces no shows)

Create Coupons and Promotional Codes With Schedulicity

This is one of my favorite feature from Schedulicity. You will be able to create coupons or promotional codes for certain days and time slots.

For example, for time slots that hasn’t been filled, you may post an offer on twitter, Facebook, or your business page that will allow the first person to click on the offer to redeem it. The offer you post can be anything ranging from 1% off to 100% off.

These offers get taken up quickly as everybody loves coupons and now you will be able to create them for your business. This is great way to fill in your empty time slots.

Communicate Better With Your Consumers

Rather than acting like big business and cold towards your consumers, keep in touch with your consumers with promotions, special offers, coupons, thank you, happy birthday cards, haven’t seen you in awhile messages, season greetings, invitations and a lot more. Schedulicity comes with 75+ email templates you can use or you can use your own.

Don’t let your consumers forget you and let them know you care about them. Keep in touch with them with messages that they will appreciate. They will feel a close connection to your business with emails that you send them.

These are also great marketing tools that will bring back returning customers.

Taking Advantage Of Social Media

Social media such as Facebook is taking over the internet and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, then you are losing a lot of money. Since Schedulicity knows that many of your clients and potential clients are using Facebook, Schedulicity will allow people to book with your business directly from your Facebook page.

The Schedulicity for facebook is actually pretty neat as it will…

  • Let you connect with clients
  • Let consumers and potential clients book appoints with you through Facebook
  • Help new clients find your business
  • Spread the word about your business

Schedulicity Free Trial

Not yet convinced that Schedulicity is for you? Try Schedulicity risk free for 30 days. There is nothing to buy and no credit card is required. Use the link at the end of this post for a free trial of Schedulicity.

Try Schedulicity Free

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