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Phonebooth is a business phone provider for a small business price. You can get your desk phones to calls routed to your mobile phone or both. Their VoIP network powers some of the most innovative companies in the U.S. Phonebooth is trusted by popular companies such as Pandora, LivingSocial, Pinger, Brooks Bell, ChocoNat and many more. There is no contract, no set-up fees and you can cancel anytime.

Phonebooth is easy to use with their web-based interface for managing your phone system features. You do not need the technical know-how to use Phonebooth awesome features. An internet connection is all you will need to access and make updates to your Phonebooth system portal. You will save time, money and headaches.

Phonebooth Features

  • $20 per user for unlimited local and long distance – There are no up-charges, no add-on, no catches, and most importantly no strings attached. It’s set at a price of $20 per user. You will get unlimited inbound and outbound calling in the continental U.S with business features. Pay for as many users as you need at $20 per person.
  • You can read your voice mails from anywhere or anytime– You can save time by reading voice messages in your inbox with Phonebooth’s voice-to-text transcription. Voice mails are forwarded to you email as an attached audio file with a written transcription of the message, phone number and caller information. Here’s a quick demo of this very cool feature:

  • Auto-attendant greetings – Make your company sound professional by helping a virtual receptionists that will automatically greet your customers. You can setup the auto-attendant with a customization menu system.
  • HD voice quality – Phonebooth OnDemand calls will provide you with crystal clear HD sound.
  • “Follow Me” intelligent call routing –  Intelligent call routing helps you get your calls whatever your business takes you. You can route calls to your mobile phone, a colleague or both.
  • Other features includes: voice mail transcription, auto-attendant,  professional HD quality voice, “find me” call routing, conference calling, web 2.0 interface, redundant and reliable, nationwide all-IP network, and 24/7 support.

Phonebooth owns it’s network just like a traditional phone company which means they are allowed to give you a low price, reliability and call quality that you can trust.  There is no middle man involved taking a piece of the money. Phonebooth offers cost-effective, full feature VoIP phone systems exclusively for business. They are one of the largest and fastest growing telecommunication providers in the U.S.

If you are starting up a small business, Phonebooth can help with it’s simple pricing, ease of change, no contracts, easy to get connected to support for help, lots of features and account management. Phonebooth has very few kinks left in it’s system as it’s been improving and developing new ways to improve their system. If you have call quality issues, it’s most likely a problem with your internet connection.

Overall, Phonebooth is recommended for businesses. Give them a try as they have a simple pricing, no contracts and no set-up fees.

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STAY AWAY! We have used Phonebooth at my small business for 10 months. The service has been so unreliable that our staff has resorted to using cell phones rather than the lines Phonebooth provides. Technical support gives a different excuse every time we call. No billing support is ever available when we call; they promise to call back and do not. Their customer service is built to give the run around.

Melissa J. Lowry
November 7, 2012 1:08 am

I just signed up last month and I’m 100% pleased with Phonebooth. They have excellent features and support. So far so good.


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