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LifeLock is an identify theft protection service that is much more than a simple credit monitoring service. LifeLock will help protect your personal information by using high tech surveillance techniques which are monitoring and protecting you 24-7. If you’re just here for the 10% LifeLock coupon, click here which will automatically apply the discount. If not, keep reading to learn more about LifeLock.



What exactly is LifeLock and how does it work?

LifeLock comes with a 5 points of protection system: monitoring your identity, scanning for identity threats, responding to identity theft,  $1 million guarantee, and tracking your credit score.

  • Monitoring Your Identity – Not just your simple fraud monitoring system as LifeLock will also contact the major credit bureaus on your behalf and help remove your name from mailing list for pre-approved credit offers. LifeLock will also monitor your public records, court records and alternate names you may have. Every month, you will get all of this information in a report that’s easy to view.
  • Scanning for Threats –  LifeLock will search criminal websites for illegal selling of your information. If your information is found, LifeLock will stop them in their tracks and let you know about it.
  • Taking Action –  All attempts to misuse your identity will be reviewed by LifeLock and will alert you by email, phone or text message once your personal information is in danger of identity theft. LifeLock Ultimate takes it a step further and will contact you once they detect a change to the contact information on your bank accounts.
  • $1 Million Guarantee – When you sign up for LifeLock, you are automatically backed up by their $1 million total service guarantee. This means that as a LifeLock member, they will spend up to $1 million to hire lawyers, experts, investigators, and consultants to help with your recovery.
  • Tracking Your Credit Score – It’s always recommend to keep track of your credit report and score frequently to avoid identity theft, but LifeLock takes it a step further and will track your credit score often and provide you with TransUnion credit score report monthly. You also get a annual credit scores for the tri-bureaus (You also have the right to a free credit score from annually). You can login into the members area to access your credit information any time you wish.

LifeLock Credit Score Manager

  • Price: $13.46/month or $148.80/year (with LifeLock Coupon)
  • Daily Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Monthly Credit Score updates
  • Annual Tri-Bureau Credit Scores & Reports

LifeLock Theft Protection Services Pricing

The following pricing is for the services with the LifeLock coupon (10% off all services) applied:

  • LifeLock Ultimate – $22.50/month or $247.50/year
  • LifeLock – $9/month or $99/year

You will save more if you go with the yearly plans, but if you are new to LifeLock and aren’t 100% sure this type of service is beneficial to you, then I would go with the monthly plan then upgrade later to the yearly plan.

LifeLock Ultimate FREE for 30 Days

LifeLock is currently offering a 30 days free trial of LifeLock Ultimate which is their top service. I would take advantage of this amazing offer if you plan on going with the Ultimate edition of Lifelock.

LifeLock Vs LifeLock Ultimate


As a past victim of identity theft, LifeLock has been a blessing as I don’t have to worry about my identity getting stolen again. I was a member of my bank’s identity theft protection which costed me $16/month which didn’t even have half the features as LifeLock does. Basically just basic protection. I feel a lot safer with LifeLock as I could log into my LifeLock member account daily to check my credit score (which is updated monthly) and also get alerts if fraud is detected.

I really love LifeLock list of features, but I haven’t ran into any identity theft since my last run in with a criminal who stole my information and decided to take money from my bank so I can’t comment on all of the features.

I went with the LifeLock’s identity theft protection service which costed me $99/year. They also provide LifeLock Ultimate which is an upgrade. If you feel you need more protection, then I would go with the ultimate plan. If not, LifeLock’s regular theft protection service is good enough.

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Lifelock has been great for me. There was an inquiry made about my credit and lifelock contacted me about it and prevented fraud. that alone was worth the price of lifelock as it would be a pain to get my credit fix


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