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Reviewed By Nathan Watson Services

IPVanish is one of the newer VPN service companies which started out in 2012, but don’t let that discourage you. It seems like they know what they are doing because I’m loving them. IPVanish currently hasIPs onservers indifferent countries which is already better then the majority of the VPN service provider out there. Even NewsHosting recommends them which is saying a lot. IPVanish Features

  • IPs onservers indifferent countries
  • Unlimited VPN traffic and uncapped bandwidth
  • High Speed Connection
  • FREE IPVanish VPN Software
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP Protocols
  • Prevent Hot Spot Dangers
  • Secure & safe browsing
  • 24/7 Support

IPVanish Pricing

Here are the current VPN packages at IPVanish:

  • 1 Month – $10 (17% savings)
  • 3 Month – $26.99 (25% savings)
  • 1 Year – $77.99 (46% savings)

If you pick the yearly plan, it will only cost you $6.49/month which comes out to a huge 46% in savings. $6.49 is as cheap as it gets for a premium VPN service so you are definitely getting your money’s worth. You also have the option of signing up for the 1 month plan then upgrading to the yearly plan after if you want.

There is a 7 days money back guarantee on all of the plans so if you aren’t happy for any reason within 7 days of signing up, you can request a cancellation and you will get a full refund.

FREE IPVanish Software
The VPN IPVanish software is free and it’s available in your account’s control panel. Here are some noteworthy features:

  • List of servers when online/offline status
  • Automatically reconnect if disconnected
  • Able to connect when Windows start
  • Can automatically connect to IPVanish once the software starts
  • Lets you know your response time for each server

I really like the Auto-Reconnect feature as it will reconnect if you disconnect from the servers. The only downfall is that your real IP will be shown for a few seconds while it reconnects itself to the IPVanish servers.

IPVanish GUI

It’s a basic VPN software which lets you connect to IPVanish VPN servers with a few noteworthy features. You do not need to use this software to connect to their servers as this software is only optional. IPVanish provides detailed directions for other methods to connect to their servers as well.

Update: I had the chance to test out the IPVanish software again and they have updated a few things to make it easier and better for users.

  • IPVanish added new protocols OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP. TCP is normally more reliable, but UDP usually performs better.
  • New feature which lets you connect automatically once IPVanish starts by last server used, closest server, or the server you selected. This could be useful in a lot of ways so I thought it was pretty cool.

The new GUI is a bit bigger than the old one which makes it uglier, but it’s no big deal as you can just send it to your system tray.

Compatible Devices

  • Windows
  • MAC OS X
  • UBuntu
  • iPhone, iPad, Android
  • DD-WRT compatible routers
  • Any devices that lets you use PPTP and L2TP

IPVanish Speed Test

Speed is important when choosing a VPN service provider and IPVanish doesn’t disappoint. Here’s a result from my speed test using IPVanish.

That’s my max download/upload speed for my ISP which is great. You won’t even notice that you are behind a VPN connection. This means watching videos on sites such as YouTube will be quick.

Bandwidth is not capped and you are allowed unlimited VPN traffic which means you can keep the VPN connection on 24/7 if you wanted to.

How Many Computers Can You Use IPVanish On?

You are allowed to installed and use IPVanish on an unlimited number of computers and devices, but you are only allowed to have two devices connected to IPVanish at the same time. Also, you are only allowed to connect to 1 OpenVPN and 1 other connection (L2TP or PPTP) at the same time. This means you cannot have 2 OpenVPN connections connected to IPVanish at a time.

For example, your computer can be connect to IPVanish using OpenVPN while your mobile phone is connected to either L2TP or PPTP.

Type Of IP Addresses

IPVanish offers dynamic IP addresses which means you will get a new IP address every time you connect to their servers. This offers you the best anonymity because your traffic will be spread throughout theirIP addresses instead of being associated with just one IP address.

Since you are sharing IP addresses with other IPVanish users, your traffic will merge with their traffic making it impossible to find out which traffic belongs to which user.

Data Encryption

You do not have to worry about your ISP or even hackers spying on you as IPVanish provides 256-bit encryption for OpenVPN and 128-bit encryption for PPTP and L2TP.

Logging Policy

IPVanish only logs when you connect and disconnect from their VPN servers. They do not log what websites you visit, what you download or who you chat to. Some type of logging is require for all VPN service providers to stay in business so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Money Back Guarantee

IPVanish offers a 7 day money back guarantee for all of their VPN plans.

IPVanish Support

Support by email is 24/7 while live support chat is available M-F during business hours. IPVanish also offers support by forum.

Final Thoughts

IPVanish does a great job as a VPN service provider even though they just started this year. The speed, price and reliability is outstanding. The price is great for the service they provide and it’s a lot better than using free proxies and definitely better than the majority of VPN providers on the market. I honestly can’t find anything I hate about them especially for the price and speed.

Visit IPVanish

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Overall Rating Comp speed US/UK servers Customer supropt Excellent site.I’m no technical expert by any means (got on facebook last year) and I’m still able to use the site for BBC iPlayer without any problems. The instructions to configure were easy to setup and the customer supropt is world class.

Hannibal Jones
October 15, 2014 6:34 am

The service seemed to work okay but they don’t make it easy to cancel. Apparently you can cancel by going to the account page, but there is no link to cancel. If you do want to cancel, this is the link to use once you log in to your control panel. https://account.ipvanish.com/index.php?t=Billing . As I said, service seems okay, but to make it difficult to cancel ruined any trust I had in them.


I upload video lectures for my students across the world to learn from. These videos are traditionally very long and large in size. Some of my students can only access it through a VPN. IPVanish is the fastest I’ve found for uploads and downloads. Without it I wouldn’t be able to teach!


IPvanish is a very good VPN provider. Especially IPvanish is the best performance in East Asia. I’ve also used Overplay and Purevpn. but IPvanish showed the best performance and service. (Speed&Ping In East Asia : IPvanish>Overplay>>>Purevpn) I accidentally set the wrong paypal so I had payment twice to IPvanish. however IPvanish was refunded immediately that the payment is incorrect. East Asia is best ipvanish depending on the area you live.


After doing a lot of research online (reading a lot of reviews) IPVanish was one of four providers I decided upon. I signed up for one month for IPVanish’s service over the weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised to realize that after I configured my router with their settings (they offer a really comprehensive step-by-step process to do so) that I was able to access what were ‘elusive services’. Prior to signing up with IPVanish, I had signed up with two top-notch VPNs but something with their settings wasn’t working with my router, and their support was less than desirable. If I have to criticize IPVanish constructively I would say that they should offer some kind of remote assistance for customers who are not tech-savvy. But I know they won’t want to do that because of cost and possible law suits. Other than that, I’m happy with their service. I’m able to switch between servers quickly (their software is installed on my pc), my router is permanently on a US IP address, and even though it is ‘tunnel technology’ the speed of their service doesn’t seem to have been compromised in any way. Once they remain a stable and reliable provider I’ll remain a loyal customer. Maybe I’ll even sign up for a year.


ipvanish is fast! I use it mostly to stream movies because my university blocks a couple of sites which I like to visit. I can’t even tell that i’m using a proxy

Rafael Lofton
March 12, 2013 2:22 am

IPVanish is the best VPN provider I’ve used and I’ve used many of them such as StrongVPN and Overplay. The only thing I did not like so much was the software that came with it. The software has no cool features. The VPN service on the other hand is awesome. Lots of IPs and stable connection which is all I need.


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