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Hulu Plus is a streaming TV service which will let users watch TV and Movies for a $7.99 monthly fee. You will be able to watch full seasons of TV shows and full series. Hulu plus offers 720p HD video quality which will work with any compatible devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Take a look at this 60 seconds Hulu commerical for more information about Hulu Plus

Cost of Hulu Plus
  • $7.99/month but you can cancel anytime
Difference between Hulu and Hulu Plus
  • Hulu plus has a lot more content such as full seasons of your favorite TV series.
  • The normal free Hulu only lets you watch their shows on their website. Hulu plus lets you watch their shows on any compatible devices such as Xbox, PS3, iPhone, iPad, Roku, etc…
  • The video quality of Hulu plus is in 720p HD when it’s available while the normal free Hulu is only in standard definition (480p).
I love Hulu Plus because…
  • It offers a lot more shows and full seasons compared to just the regular free Hulu
  • You can watch Hulu plus outside of the Hulu website on devices that are Hulu compatible such as Xbox, Ps3, iPad, iPhone and many more.
  • It’s only $7.99/month which is cheaper than a DVR
  • Watch your favorite shows anytime and anywhere you want
  • Shows are shown in 720p HD quality video which are very clear
Some stuff I don’t like about Hulu Plus
  • You will have commercials even though you are paying $7.99 a month for the Hulu Plus service. They have to include advertisements to keep the monthly subscription price low.
  • Even though you have Hulu Plus, some shows are only available on their Hulu website. This means that you can only watch these shows on
Hulu Plus Review

Hulu Plus does not offer news or sports so this means you can’t replace your existing cable or satellite provider if you are into news and sports. It’s similar to a DVR in which you can watch shows you missed, but of course Hulu Plus is many times better than a DVR as it provides hundreds of full TV seasons and thousands of episodes such as Family Guy, Simpsons, The Office, Lost, Glee and many more. Hulu Plus is service and not a device so don’t get confused.

You can also watch Hulu plus on your TV as long as you have a device (Xbox,PS3, DVD player, etc..) or TV that is Hulu plus compatible. If you have a smart TV, you can just download an Hulu Plus app that will let you stream Hulu Plus through your TV. I wouldn’t worry about having a compatible Hulu Plus device as many devices these days will support streaming services such as Hulu.

Watching Hulu Plus on my iPad is very cool as I take my iPad everywhere with me especially on road trips. The shows are shown in HD so the pictures are clear.

As a paying subscriber, I don’t like how they will show advertisements, but it’s still worth it for the $7.99 monthly price tag. Hulu admits that they have to show advertisement to keep the cost low for it’s subscribers.

Is Hulu Plus for you?

If you are always missing your favorite TV shows or have full seasons of TV shows that you want to watch again, then Hulu Plus is for you. Also, If you like the regular free then you will love Hulu plus if you decide to upgrade. Try Hulu Plus for one week free.

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