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Reviewed By Nathan Watson Services

HideMyAss is as good as it gets when it comes to VPN services. For the price, support, speed and IP selection, HideMyAss Pro VPN ranks at the top of it’s competitor. You will not find a better VPN service for the price and features.

HideMyAss (HMA) Features

  • 32,000+ IP address in over 51 different countries
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols
  • Unlimited data transfer. You will never be capped
  • Encrypts all traffic
  • Randomly change your IP address (optional)
  • Secure IP Bind (optional)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux

HideMyAss Pro Pricing

Depending on which plan you select, you can save up to 43%. There is a 30-day money back guarantee so I would recommend going with the yearly plan which ends up being only $6.55/month. If you aren’t happy, you can get a refund.

1 Month 6 Months 1 Year
Price $11.52/month $50.66 ($8.44/month) $78.66 ($6.55/month)
Savings 0% 27% 43%


Connecting To HideMyAss

HideMyAss will give you many options to connect to their servers, but the easiest way is using the HideMyAss software which is free. It’s as simple as entering your username, password, and country that you want your IP from and clicking “connect to VPN”.

hidemyass login screen

I really like the software. It’s very easy to use, navigate, lots of options and it’s 100% free. You do not have to use the software though as there are other ways to connect to HideMyAss.

Never Run Out Of IP Addresses

HideMyAss has the largest amount of usable IP address among any VPN service. You can get a new IP address every time you connect to HideMyAss and with over 32,000+ IP address, the chance of you getting the same IP address again is slim. They are adding new servers regularly so this number will increase as they upgrade their servers.

You can also tell the HideMyAss software to randomly change your IP address at a set interval so that you will get a new IP address each time. I don’t use this feature as each time it switch IP addresses, your real IP gets leaked for a few seconds.

Speed & Ping Test With HideMyAss

hidemyass speed and ping test

Since your speed and ping will vary from where you are, the Speed Guide feature of the HideMyAss software will let you know which servers will give you the best speed and ping. This is actually very cool because I only want fast servers as you won’t even notice that you are on a VPN connection. Depending on your location, the VPN connection could be slow or fast so I would recommend using this feature.

Secure IP Bind

This feature will allow you to IP Bind HideMyAss to a specific software allowing only certain applications to work behind a VPN connection. If for some reason you disconnect from HideMyAss, your real IP address will NOT exposed. HideMyAss will detect that you have disconnected from their servers and will stop all the connections for the application that you used “Secure IP Bind” on.

You will love secure IP bind if you don’t want your applications leaking out your real IP address.

You Can Trick Websites Into Thinking You Are In A Different Country

Since HideMyAss provides 32,000+ IP addresses in 51 different country, you will be able to switch countries with a click of a button. Some websites or videos on YouTube are locked to certain countries so if you want to view a video or website, you may have to switch your IP address with HideMyAss.

No Data Capping

You can download as much as you want with HideMyAss as there is no restriction on how much you download. They will never cap your download speed because you are downloading too much.

Data Encryption With HideMyAss

HMA encryptionDid you know that hackers can record your every moment and know exactly what you are doing and what you’re doing on the internet? Of course, they can only do this if you’re computer is infected which you may not be aware of since new viruses are released daily and anti-viruses software can’t keep up with them fast enough.

What about your Internet Service Provider? They can also watch what you’re downloading and what websites you are visiting if they wanted to. Normally, they won’t do this unless they get a court order, but it’s best to be safe.

You can prevent all the spying from hackers and your ISP if you just use HideMyAss as all data is encrypted and it’s not possible to see what you’re downloading or what you’re doing on the internet. You should always stay anonymous with HideMyAss

HideMyAss And Logging Policy

HideMyAss logs what time you connect and disconnect from their services and that’s it. They do not monitor any traffic or activities meaning they won’t know what type of websites you’re visiting or what you’re doing. Every VPN services needs some type of logging to stay in business, so don’t let this bother you too much.

How Many Computers Can You Install HideMyAss On?

You can install HideMyAss on as many computer as you would like, but you can only have two VPN connections online at the same time. You would have to log off one of the devices if you would like to use HideMyAss on another device. This means you are allowed to have two devices online at the same time.

HideMyAss Support

HMA SupportHideMyAss provides user with live chat, email and forum support so when you have a question or problem, you can ask in one of those places. Live chat operator are online for 12 hours per day so I would recommend using it if it’s up when you have a question. For times when live chat is down, you should use email or forum support.

I haven’t had that many chances to use email support, but when I do the reply comes quick. The last time I used support, I got a reply within 2 hrs.

Final Thoughts On HideMyAss

Overall, I like HideMyAss and I think it’s the best VPN service out there for the price, features and support. The only thing I do not like is their logging policy. They admit they only log the time you log on and off and no other data is logged. I did a bit of research and it seems like all VPN needs some type of logging to keep their business up so I’m fine with it.

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There is nothing to complain about when it comes to hidemyass. I had a problem running the software on my computer, but support was helpful and quick to help me. The VPN connection is stable and i rarely get disconnected from their servers.

the vpn software that comes free with hidemyass is the best. it has so many cool features that I just love. the speed guide is awesome for trying to find the fastest servers and the secure bind IP makes it so your IP never gets leaked even if you get disconnected. this is the first time i’ve seen the secure bind IP feature for any VPN providers


great vpn provier with a large selection of IP addresses with a stable connection. support is also quick with answering questions too

Robin Hammond
March 13, 2013 1:12 am

The vpn software provided by HideMyAss is the best out there among other vpn providers. The connection is stable and the speeds are great with a large selection of IPs to pick from.

The only downfall to HideMyAss is it’s logging policy. They claim they only log the times we log on and off, but can you really trust them? Either way, I don’t plan on doing anything illegal so I don’t mind it as much.


I like HideMyAss because it allows me to use their VPN services on up to three computers without any extra fees. You won’t find many VPN providers that will allow that. Also, every time you connect to their services, you get a random IP which is a big plus. Overall, great service and great support.


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