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Good Grammarly is the world's most accurate grammar checker that is trusted by students, business people and writers. Integrates easily with Microsoft Office.

Bad Price a bit high if you pay monthly

Summary Grammarly is a must if you are currently a student, professional writer or blogger.

Grammarly is trusted by over 3 million plus people to automatically proofread and used as a plagiarism checker for their materials. The reason why millions of people are using Grammarly over other word processors is that it finds and corrects up to 10 times as many mistakes. You can instantly correct up to 250 types of grammatical mistakes, improve word choice, and avoid plagiarism with just a single check.


Grammarly calls itself the “best” when used as a grammar and plagiarism checker, and it certainly is the most accurate at the moment compared to similar tools. Scanning your article just take a few seconds depending on the size of your article. Once the check progress is complete, Grammarly will present you with a review on what needs to be fix at the end of the scan.

Grammarly Review

Grammarly offers a simple, but powerful layout that anyone can easily use without reading the tutorials. Once logged in, you will be presented with a simple layout which you can insert your text to be checked. Grammarly also offers support for file types in MS Word (.doc, .docx), OpenOffice (.odt), TXT and RTF formats to be uploaded. I’ve pasted a simple paragraph for testing purposes as shown below.

After pasting or uploading your document, Grammarly will automatically start the review process and list all of the critical issues of your document. You will also be given a score for the document.

You may also select a paper type for Grammarly to review your document.

As you can see, you can select many different paper types such as general, business, academic, technical, creative, medical, and casual. Each main categories for the paper types also comes with a few sub categories. I’ve selected the general (default) option during this test.

After uploading my document to Grammarly, it only took 3-6 seconds for Grammarly to check my paragraph. This process will take a bit longer if your text is larger. Once completed, Grammarly will display your issues and overall score on the bottom right of your window.

You can then fix your issues one-by-one, or ignore them.

Grammarly will highlight the problem areas and offer suggestions on how to fix it. Grammarly will also offer helpful tips and the correct way to use words with examples. You can either choose to fix the issues to improve your score or simply ignore them. It is a great learning experience when Grammarly is offering these helpful learning tips.

Grammarly has a Plagiarism feature which will test your uploaded text against over 8 billion documents in their database and against the web.

You can also download the Grammarly Office Add-in for Microsoft Office, which comes free with as a member.

Grammarly is a fabulous tool for students, teachers, writers, or bloggers. Grammarly will catch many errors that Microsoft Office can not find.

Grammarly Microsoft Office Add-in

The Microsoft Office Add-in for Grammarly will work with both Microsoft Word and Outlook. Installation of the add-in is simple and only takes a few seconds. You will need to enter your username and password when asked so the add-in can connect to Grammarly. I don’t have Outlook, so I will be testing it on Microsoft Word.

Grammarly can be enabled or disabled with a simple click. The enable/disabled icon is located at the top right corner of Microsoft Word.

This Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Word works flawlessly without any lag. It’s definitely an upgrade to Microsoft Word and a must have add-in. This add-in comes free with your Grammarly membership.

Grammarly Features

  • Automatically generate citations using MLA, APA and more styles.
  • Plagiarism – You can avoid plagiarism as Grammarly compares your text against over 8 billion documents in their database.
  • 250 Points of Grammar –  This is a fast process which scans your text for proper use of over 250+ grammar rules including run-on sentences, double negatives, sequence of tenses and many more.
  • Contest Optimized Synonyms – You can make your words stand out by enhancing your sentences with Grammarly’s word of choice.
  • Improving Your Written Materials –  Grammarly is very smart when it comes to editing the text that you submit as you can chose the genre for your writing. For example, job resumes are different from a student’s essay.
  • Enhanced Spell Checker –  This is one feature that I have not seen from a word processor yet. No, I’m not talking about a normal spell checker. This feature spots words that are used in the wrong context such as the words “too/two”, “lose/loose”, and “affect/effect”.
  • You can use Grammarly Anywhere – Since Grammarly is accessible from any browser, you can gain access to it from school, work, or home.
  • Improves word choice with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions.
  • Compatible with Word & Outlook.

Grammarly Plans

I would recommend trying Grammarly for free before you select a plan just to test out their services. Grammarly has a free chrome extension with high reviews. Just click on “Get Grammarly, it’s free” to start the installation of the free extension for chrome.

All plans currently have a special discount of 20% OFF:

  • Monthly: $29.95/month
  • Quarterly: $19.98/month (billed as one payment of $59.95)
  • Annual: $11.66/month billed as one payment of 139.95)


If you are a student, teacher, or even a blogger then Grammarly is very valuable to you. I have been using Microsoft Word all my life, so Grammarly is something new but definitely welcomed. The monthly price starts at $29.95/month, but gets a lot cheaper if you choose the quarterly or annual plans.

Grammarly is offering 20% OFF all of their plans and even a free chrome extension with thousands of high ratings. This is a limited time offer so I would recommend taking advantage of it before it ends.

Although Grammarly no longer offers a free 7-day trial, they will refund you 100% of your purchase price within 7 days if you are not fully satisfied with their product.

I would recommend downloading and installing the Free Grammarly Chrome Extension before you purchase a premium account with Grammarly. It’s a great way to see and feel how Grammarly works.

Try Grammarly

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Antonio Arriaga
January 28, 2015 5:30 pm

I attend college in Waco, Tx. and my english teacher is forcing us to buy grammarly and says it is mandatory for His class…


I signed up for the trial and it is better than the grammar and spell checker from Microsoft word, but it’s not worth paying $29.95/month for it. I can see it being worth it if grammar is part of your job, but as a student I don’t see it being worth it


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