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eVoice is the perfect number that can make you sound more professional, impress your callers with professional greetings, let you work from anywhere, and read your voice mail. If you are looking for a virtual number to help your business grow, then eVoice is the perfect solution.

eVoice is a powerful phone system that will automatically answer your calls with a professional greeting and route them to either your office, personal phone, home or any number you wish so that you won’t ever miss a call. eVoice can also send your voice mail to your email, transcribes your voice messages, screen your phone calls and even allow you to work from anywhere you want.

There are no contracts and no cancellation fees which makes eVoice desirable for your business. eVoice is currently offering a 30 day free trial for new customers, so I would take advantage of it and test drive their services.

eVoice Pricing

eVoice has no contracts, no cancellation fees and is month-to-month. eVoice comes in three friendly plans.


Price $9.95 $19.95 $29.95
Extensions 2 3 5
Monthly Minutes 300 500 1000
30-Day Trial Free Free Free


If you need more extensions or minutes, you can upgrade at any time.  All of these pricing plans comes with all of eVoice features.

How does eVoice Work?

When someone calls your eVoice phone number, eVoice can do the following:

  1. The person calling you will be answered by a greeting in which you can setup. You can record your own greetings or use one of eVoice’s professional recorded greetings.
  2. The call will be forwarded to your phone or multiple phones, prompted to enter an extension by the eVoice auto-attendant or can be sent directly to your voice mail  You can pick how your calls are forwarded when you set it up.
  3. If you want to answer the call and have set up the Call screening option, you will hear the caller’s name and decide to either take the call or ignore it. If you choose to ignore the call, the caller will be sent to voice mail
  4. You can always access new and old saved voice mails via email, eVoice mobile app, by phone, or online at the eVoice website.


  • Auto Attendant – eVoice auto attendant will create the appearance of multiple departments and employees regardless of how big your business is.
  • Call Routing – Forward your calls to any number
  • U.S & Canada Local Numbers – Pick a local number from eVoice’s multiple cities
  • Voice mail Converted to Text – Get easy-to-read transcriptions of your voice messages to your phone as a text or email
  • Other features: toll free numbers, multiple extensions, voice mail, conference calling, professional greetings, call transfer, call recording, mobile apps, call screening, sequential ringing, music on hold, dial by name, online administration, speed dial, call usage & history and more. You can learn more about these features at eVoice’s website.

Can you use your existing toll free number or local number for eVoice?

This is a question that is asked by many new customers. Depending on your current carrier and location, you may be able to use your existing local number or toll free number as your eVoice main number. This isn’t available with the $9.95 plan though. You will have to upgrade to the $19.95 or $29.95 plan to use this feature.

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Sign up with eVoice and you can use it today. You can try eVoice’s services for 30 days for free. There are no strings attached.

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