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WSJwine short for the Wall Street Journal Wine guarantees that you will receive a regular supply of wines that is of quality and value. WSJwine is backed by the Wall Street Journal which you can trust. For just $69.99, you will get 12 bottles of red, white or mixed. Each case will by filled with useful tasting notes which will help you get educated on each bottle of wine.


WSJwine Features

  • 12 bottles of reds, whites or mixed for $69.99.
  • Money back guarantee that you will be happy with the wine bottles
  • No obligation to buy future cases
  • Advance notice before your next case of wine ships
  • No membership fees
  • Cancel any time
  • Free tasting notes included in every case
  • You may change your wine preference anytime (red, white or mixed)

How does the WSJwine work?

WSJwine is a wine club which professional wine tasters select the best 12 bottles of wines every 3 months and send them to your house in a nice case. Each case is filled with helpful tasting notes which will help you get educated on each bottle of wine.

When you are signing up, you can pick from red, white or mixed bottle of wines. If you don’t know which options you should select, I would go with the mixed option and change your preference later. WSJwine makes it easier for users as you can change your preference for wines at any time without any fees.

WSJwine will let you know a couple of days in advance before they ship your next case of bottles. This is useful because you can skip this shipment, change your wine preference or even cancel your membership if you wish.

You may cancel any time without any fees. You even get a money back guarantee so if you don’t like any of the bottles for whatever reason, let them know and they will refund your money.

This is for wine lovers!

WSJwine reviewYou do not need to be a professional wine taster to join a wine club such as WSJwine. All you need to join a wine club is to be in love with wines. You will get 12 bottle of wines each month for just $69.99 which comes out to be $5.8 per bottle. That’s as cheap as it gets for quality wine.

It’s true that you will get quality wine, but you will also get useful tasting notes attached to each case that comes to your house. You can learn a lot of things from these tasting notes so I would keep them.

WSJwine Review

Overall, WSJwine ranks as one of the best wine club in my opinion. I’ve talked to a couple of people about WSJwine and they also agree that WSJwine comes out to either #1 or #2 of best wine clubs.

You get 12 bottles of reds, whites or mixed quality wine every 3 months for only $5.8 per bottle with tasting notes attached to each case so you can learn more about the wine you are tasting. The price of each bottle was what got me into WSJwine. It will be hard to find a quality bottle of wine for only $5.8 per bottle. This is the cheapest price I’ve seen for any wine clubs.

They do an outstanding job on educating people on the wine they are tasting. This is great for people who are willing to learn more on wine. You learn where the wine came from, what gave the wine it’s unique flavor, how it was harvested and what was added to the wine to bring out it’s delicious taste.

Limited Time Wall Street Journal Wine Club Coupon

For just $69.99 plus shipping, you can pick from reds, whites or mixed bottle of wines. This is an introductory price which can disappear at any time. Just click on WSJwine Coupon and the promo will automatically be applied to your order.


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