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SysAid is a one of the best help desk software that will definitely help your business grow. SysAid is a help desk software which will help the end user and the IT administrator connect to each other to help resolve issues.


What’s SysAid?
Here’s a video which is 4 minutes long which explains in simple terms what exactly SysAid is:

SysAid Versions

SysAid comes in two versions: Pro edition and Enterprise Edition.

Pro Edition

Enterprise Edition

Platform 3 Admins (more available) 3 Admins (more available)
Asset Management 120 Assets (more available) 250 Assets (more available)
End Users Unlimited Unlimited
Service Desk Yes Yes
Mobile Device Management Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes Yes
Multi-Company Support No Yes
No Yes
API No Yes
CMDB Optional Yes
Additional Modules Optional Optional


SysAid Features

SysAid comes in many features that will help you handle your business better and help it grow.

Help Desk

SysAid will automate the handling of service requests in a faster and more efficiently way. You can count on SysAid help desk software to do automatic routing, escalation, priorities, automatic notifications, due dates, quick list templates for common issues and lots more.

Asset Management

This is a must if you wish to cut unnecessary costs and using your time as efficiently as possible. SysAid’s Asset Management will help you know the status of your assets by automatically detecting all hardware and software elements, stay informed about every single change in your inventory, remotely access your machines from anywhere in the world, and track your asset’s life cycle and service history.

By automatically your asset management process, you can accurately maintain your inventory. SysAid’s automatic discovery is fast and allows you to stay inform at all times about the location and status of your business’s assets.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

SysAid’s MDM gives you full control of mobile devices that enter your IT management system by storing those mobile devices in one place with all of your other assets. You can even direct users to enroll their Android or iOS phones into the IT management system. This will allow admins to embrace a diverse mobile network.

Remote Control

You will be able to access your machines from anywhere without any configurations, within a service request, asset, or chat conversations. All sessions perform within SysAid are performed via a secure web connection so there is no need to worry about hackers.

End User Web Portal

The end users can log in with a web portal to submit service requests, find solutions from the knowledge base, access their service history, track the status of their service requests, initiate chat conversations with admins, participate in change management processes and much more. SysAid makes this a simple process.

Huge Knowledge Base

Both end users and admins can now find solutions to problems in SysAid’s database of common service requests and their solutions. This gives the end-users immediate answers 24/7 without them having to submit a ticket. You can also gather knowledge from your IT department for everyone’s benefits.

SysAid “My Desktop” Module

You can now offer your end users the ability to easily access their desktops from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. This means they can access their desktop in the office, at home, or any place with a internet connection. SysAid’s My Desktop is an internal solution completely integrated with SysAid.

For end users, they can simply access their desktop computers from anywhere at any time as long as there’s an internet connection.

For IT admins, there is no more struggling with complex solutions such as Citrix or VPN. This is fully integrated within SysAid.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are very popular these days and SysAid knows this. SysAid provides you with apps for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android to help your manage your help desk and assets.


You can monitor the vital parts of your network, system services and processes, incoming and outgoing data rates, SNMP traps, and much more. You can get instant SMS, an email or service request notifications when a action is needed.

Other SysAid Features

Reports and Analysis, Manager IT Dashboard, Password Services, Online Chat, Calendar and Scheduling, Tasks and Projects, SLA Management, ITIL CMDB, ITIL Change Management, ITIL Problem Management, API and Advanced Customization, and IT Performance Benchmark.

SysAid Free Trial

SysAid is currently offering free trials for new customers to test drive their help desk software. I would recommend at least giving them a try as it can definitely help your business grow.

Try SysAid Free

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Here’s an honest review of it. It takes a while before their backwards style of setup starts to grow on you. Don’t expect to get anything done with it right away. There’s a reason they offer courses on it hahah. You will be doing lots of clicking and head scratching while you navigate their unusual setup. ALSO You need to remove their default templates and customize them and remove the overwhelming amount of tabs.
some of the stuff you wish you could remove but you can’t.
Simple is better for setups and then just add in what you need. You really need to read the documentation, look at some videos of it in action. However their documentation needs improvement and updating to allow faster use adaptation. SOME TIPS: ALL Tickets that come in need to be assigned first to a technician, then you work on them and log your activities and time in the activities tab section. install an agent and create a user account by importing from AD. The assets section is a headache, haven’t made it that far yet. Biggest question that comes to mind is why are the USERS under the tools TAB section? Are my users tools?


Hi Bob.
You will have ITIL v3 Certified templates available immediately so you can begin implementing ITIL processes within your organisation straight away.

Also, try Routing Rules to auto assign Service Records to your Admins/Admin Groups.

And I must say that your Users are not Tools, but User Management (where you see the Administrators or End Users options, which you will find under Tools) is considered to be a tool.
I’m sure you have bigger questions than that so why not address them in their Community?

I am certain all points you raised will be met with contrary opinions and instructions on how to easily configure all of it.

And lastly, no matter what page you are on in SysAid, if you click on your User Menu at the top right of the page, you can select the “Online Aid” which will take you straight to the relevant help article for that page in the comprehensive documentation on the SysAid website.


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