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Pimsleur is a bit different from other learning new method programs as it uses the fine art of asking questions which will encourage you to induce the grammatical basis for answering the questions. You will learn the appropriate sounds of a new language this way.

The Pimsluer program is based on Paul Pimsleur who was one of the world’s foremost experts in applied Linguistics. His research focused on language acquisition especially the organic learning  process. He discovered how to select and organize the materials of the second language to consciously enter the adult mind and be processed through the human brain. The results of his research, process of the second language, and the results became the Pimseleur language learning method.

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The Method

The Pimsleur program is based on these principles:

  • Graduated Interval Recall – By learning new words and information gradually then increasing the intervals within a set amount of time each time, you would remember the word or information longer than the time before.
  • Principle of Anticipation – Simple “ask” and “responding” which helps you anticipate a correct response. By asking for a response and understanding, the Principle of Anticipation comes into play which accelerates the learning process.
  • Core Vocabulary – Learning too much at first will slow down the learning process, but once the core words are mastered and used on a daily base, they will provide you with a framework to speed up the language learning process.
  • Organic Learning – Pimsleur focuses on teaching functional mastery by understanding and speaking correctly right from the beginning. You will learn the rhythm, sounding, and integrate the intonation at the start.

Pimsleur Review

Pimsleur claims that all you need is 30 minutes a day for the course, but it requires more work than that. I’m not sure why they would claim such a thing, but don’t believe it. Learning a new language is not that easy. You will also be required to do some “homework” outside of the course, but all language courses require this.

There are courses that have been setup in stages depending on your individual results based on length of study and your personal involvement with the materials.

I have only completed the first phase which last for 16 hours and has 30 lessons. The first “phase” comes with 30 lessons and teaches you basic Spanish enough to carry on simple conversations. You will be able to ask and give basic directions, exchange money, basic travel, and social situations. Depending on the language you pick, there will be a different amount of lessons.

Pimsleur is based on the audio learning method which I thought would suck at first since I’m more of a visual learner, but I’m enjoying and learning a lot from Pimsleur’s audio lessons. Basically, this course will give you a short time frame to produce the phrase that will pressure and encourage you to get it correctly. This is an interactive way to get you learning the new language.

Pimsleur is an expensive language course that will cost $345 for a “phase” in CD version. For the Spanish language, there are four phases. Each phase comes in 30 lessons and will last around 16 hours. You can save money if you buy the phases in bundles.

Pimsleur Final Thoughts

The Pimsleur course is designed for people who have never studied a new language before and it’s based on a repetition formula for long term memory. The price of Pimsleur may turn off a lot of people, but it’s definitely worth the price. Overall, Pimsleur is recommend for people who want to learn a new language, but it won’t make you fluent in the language unless you do a lot of outside learning.


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