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Gravity Defyer running shoes for both Men and Women are built on advanced footwear technology to help lessen the stress on your feet. These shoes will be the most comfortable pair of walking/running shoes you will own. Give your feet the love they deserve and give these Gravity Defyer shoes a try. The running shoes here are a bit more expensive than the average cost of running shoes, but it’s worth the price to protect your feet. All orders over $200 comes with free shipping.



The Benefits Of Wearing Gravity Defyer Shoes

All of the the shoes at Gravity Defyer comes with VersoShock which has been proven to relieve discomfort, absorb harmful impact, increase athletic performance, improve posture and make you feel rejuvenated. You will feel less of your own body weight on your feet and will relieve the harmful stress that running can put on your muscles, bones and joints which in return will help you exercise longer.

What Exactly Is VersoShock?

All of the shoes from Gravity Defyer comes with VeroShock which is built in to help you exercise longer and reduce the impact of walking or running on your feet.

The newer Gravity Defyer running shoes comes with the all-new VS2 VersoShock which is an upgrade from the previous version. You will experience a relief from standing, walking or running on hard surfaces such as concrete or brick.

The VeroShock trampoline sole is unlike any footwear you’ve experience before allowing your muscles to relax and helping you feel rejuvenated by restoring energy and propelling you forward with every step you take. You will love and feel enthusiastic about running again.

Some more benefits for the VersoShock trampoline soles:

  • The VersoShock will relieve discomfort for your feet
  • Absorbing harmful impact on your bones, joints and muscles
  • Increase performance when working out
  • Improve your posture
  • Feel rejuvenated
This survey done by Gravity Defyer customers shows some interesting data:

Gravity Defyer Testimonials

Does Your Feet Hurt When Running?

When you run, several times your weight is put on your feet and the heavier you are, the worst it will be on your feet. We all know running is the best way to lose weight, so you can’t give that up.

There are several ways to reduce the impact on your feet such as jogging lightly on a treadmill rather than on a hard cement. Also, another way to reduce the impact and lessen the load on your feet is to get Gravity Defyer running shoes which is built on helping you run longer and absorb the harmful impact from running.

Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Deyer has a wide range of shoes including Athletic, Casual, Dress, Boots, and Sandals for both men and women.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Gravity Defyer

You will have a whole 30 days to try out your new gravity defyer shoes and if you are not happy with them for whatever reason, you can return them for a full refund.

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