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Fold3 is a great site that will provide it’s users with access to US military records with stories, pictures, and documents of the men and women who served. If you want to learn more about our country and it’s history, then fold3 is the place you should stop by first.

Fold3 Features

  • Access to 98+ million original historical images (and increasing)
  • You can comment and print the images
  • Share the images with friends
  • Create a gallery of your favorite images
  • Search, browse, upload images
  • View & search member’s images

Fold3’s focus is original historical and military records from the national archives. You will be spending hours and hours looking through the documents here. You will not find these records anywhere else on the internet. It’s a very impressive database of original documents.

Fold3 Pricing 

There are two type of memberships that Fold3 provides: free and all-access member. The all-access membership is $11.95/month or $79.95/year ($6.67/month).

The difference between the two is with the all-access membership, you will be able to access the 98 million original historical images . Not only that, but you will be able to print, save, and share those images. You cannot do this with a free account.

Fold3 also lets users try out the all-access membership free for 7 whole days. Risk free.

I would start out with the 7-day risk free trial to the all-access membership to see for yourself the difference between the free membership and the all-access membership.

Fold3 is for…

Historians, researchers, veterans and their families, genealogist, teachers or anyone who just wants to learn more about our history. No matter who you are, if you are interested in history, then you will need to check fold3 out.

Explore Unique Collections With Fold3

You will also get access to these collections:

  • American Revolution Archives
  • Native American Archives
  • African American Archies
  • U.S. Bureau of Investigation Case Files
  • World War II Archives
  • Lots More!

Millions of Documents Available

The exact count of original documents that fold3 has is currently 98,347,641+, but millions of new documents are added each month. There is no way to get these documents anywhere else on the internet. Fold3 is the best place on the internet for Civil war, revolution war, WWII and Vietnam War collections.

Talk and Connect To Members of Fold3

One feature that I really like about Fold3 is that you are able to create pages with any of the images on the site. You are able to add your own story pages and write your own articles. Once done, you can share the page with your friends and family. You can even upload your own scanned photos or documents. You can also post this on Facebook.

Sharing your page with your friends and family is a great way to bring history alive.

Don’t Travel Miles To The Archives

Fold3 saves you time and money since you don’t have to travel miles to the Archives. This is a big deal for many people since we don’t have time to drive down to the Archives.

Is Fold3 Worth The Price?

I think it’s a fair price. I wish that they would charge a one time fee instead of a monthly or yearly fee. It’s time consuming going through all these documents and it’s impossible to go through all these documents.

I am a huge history buff, so It’s worth the price to me since I can’t find these original documents images anywhere else. I’ve always loved American history and any history so when I heard about Fold3, I was really happy. You will learn a lot of stuff about our history and other country’s history that will amaze you, surprise you, shock you, or even disgust you.

Whenever I have free time, Fold3 is the first place I go to. It’s become somewhat of an addition to learn about history. I’m glad that such a website exist.

Looking at all these original documents seems like a dream to me since I love history. You won’t even see these in textbooks. The images of the original documents are very clear and the quality is amazing.

Fold3 7-Days Free Trial

You can use the link to try Fold3 for 7 days. You will get access to everything including the 98+ million original document images.

Try Fold3 For Free

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I could find absolutely nothing regarding my relatives’ service in the Civil, WWI, Span/Amer War, Korean, and VietNam Wars and I have confirmation from other sites. Very disappointed.


I am trying to cancel my 7 day free trial because i don’t like the site and cannot opt out like the add says. I want this canceled and do not want my credit card charged. This site fraudulently gets you to sign up for the free trial and then will not let you cancel. If this is not cancelled, then i will also cancel my account.


I signed up for the free trial. I have had for a few years now, and thought I would add this since I have so many uncles that served in WWII and am finding relatives from earlier wars. I searched and could not find anything on any of them. I canceled my
trial after a couple of days.


This is the most incredible business I have ever dealt with. I have contacted them three times and each time they ask for my phone for which I provided. After three weeks they still have not contacted me. Guess what? I will not be contacting them again.


Awful site. I cancelled the free trial about 30min after signing on. I could not find the very basic of info. I found more just through google. Do not waste your time.

robert daniels
March 26, 2014 6:45 pm

I did not give this web site the right to take money from my account. I had to cancel my debit card to protect my account from them. Every one of you should watch them very closely.


STINKY,UGLY, HORRIBLE BAD — The Site is a great idea that is simply a money trap. If you do find the area you are searching – there is nothing there for any of the military except maybe the rich and famous. I joined and didn’t find anything and then immediately tried to quit – they said my membership was complementry BECAUSE I’M A VETERAN – so I decided NOT to quit. Big MISTAKE. THEY HAD MY CREDIT CARD AND THEY USED IT TO CHARGE ME FOR MY COMPLEMENTARY MEMBERSHIP. CHATCH 22


This was a great site before Ancestry took it over. Now, if the site is even responding, it is so slow that it’s effectively useless. I have been a member for several years but don’t plan to renew again. There is no customer support at all.


I gave them my credit card number to allow for the introductory membership but could not find a cancel button before the free period ended and so now I am arguing with them about the unapproved year charge for $79. DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR OFFER. I found nothing on the site that was useful to me either.

Gloria heisey
June 2, 2013 3:03 am

I love Fold3 but at this time I am taking a break from genealogy. But I will be back. Thank you for the free trial.


Site is often slow or nonresponsive. Searches often hang. I have yet to find anything anything new or exciting.


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