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23andMe is a DNA testing kit which will let you know everything about yourself including over 200 online health & traits reports. If you want to know more about your ancestry such as your family, your health, and even yourself then your DNA would be the best place to get this information from.

I did some readings on 23andMe and thought it was pretty neat so I’ve decided to give it a try so here’s my 23andMe review.

Testing Your DNA With 23andMe

Before you can get started with 23andMe, they will need your DNA. For $299 (regular price is $399), they will send you a DNA testing kit. Price is somewhat expensive, but DNA testing isn’t cheap so I found the price to be fair.

23andme DNA kit

Once you pay for the kit, 23andMe will send you the DNA kit with detailed step-by-step instructions and all the materials needed to get your DNA. You will need to register your kit and create an online profile at 23andMe, but this will all be explained to you once you get the kit.

Getting your DNA is a simple process. You just need to spit in the provided tube from 23andMe and mail it off to the lab for your DNA to get tested. That’s it. From your saliva alone, 23andMe will be able to get health & traits from your DNA.

Once you send in your 23andMe kit, it will take around 2-4 weeks for your DNA to get analysed by the lab. When it’s ready, you will get an email from 23andMe notifying you that your genetic profile is ready for you to view.

Your 23andMe Genetic Profile

Since you can discover risk factors for up to 243 diseases and conditions, it can be overwhelming at first. Don’t worry though, everything is laid out so you can easily find anything. They make navigating around the website and looking for the things you want easily.

The section that most people check first is the Disease Risk section where you will be able to find your percentage scores for diseases risk. By learning your risks and your chance of getting it, you can prevent it by living a healthier life style.

23andme diabetes

23andMe will be able to let you know the risk and conditions for all types of cancer including Parkinson’s Disease, Asthma, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Melanoma and a lot more. I would be forever if I listed all the type of cancers.

Your Genetic Traits

This section is actually pretty funny as it tells you a lot of genetic traits that you may or not know about yourself such as your alcohol flush gene, odor detection, food preference, ear wax type, color of your eyes, genes that makes you tall and so on.

Response To Drugs – Not All Drugs Are Right For All People

Did you know that your genetics can affect how you react to drugs? With 23andMe’s detailed reports, you will be able to find out your drug response and how effective these drugs will be.

23andMe ensures that each treatment is personalized to you. 23andMe will let you and your doctor know which medications will be right for you and which drugs won’t response so well.

23andMe Ancestry Information

23andMe will let you know about your genetic as in where you came from, race, and everything related to you. You will find out how much African, Asian, and/or European ancestry you have. The results might shock you.

23andme pie chart

I found it crazy that you are able to track your family lineages back 10,000+ years ago. You will be able to go back 10,000 years and will be able to discover unique history from over 750+ maternal lineages and over 500 paternal lineages thanks to DNA melody. DNA melody, which is one of 23andMe labs is able to look at componenets of your DNA is able to craft a unique melody based on your genotype.

You will also be able to tell where your mother’s and father’s ancestors came from and a lot of detailed information about them.

Find Your Family With 23andMe’s Family Tree

As a 23andMe member, you will be able to find your family such as close family to cousins from across the world. This is a neat feature as you will discover cousins that you’ve never met or heard of before. You will learn their surnames, locations and other details.

23andme family map

Overall, I think 23andMe is worth the $299 price tag as you will be to find if you are at risk for Diseases, your drug response, your family tree, your ancestry, and your traits.

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This is an awesome service as you can get a lot of information in your DNA such as finding an illness runs in your family. I even found out about a couple of cousins I never knew that I had which I thought was cool


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