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GameDuell is a online gaming website which allows players to earn real money and real prizes. Currently, Gameduell has over 80+ million members and 4.8+ million games are played each day. You are allowed to “duel” real players for real money on GameDuell. It’s somewhat like gambling with real money but with online games. If you are new to the site, I would recommend getting a free practice account which allows you to player other players for free before playing real players for real money.

5.000 Free GameDuell Credits

Normally, GameDuell only gives 1,000 free credit to new users to practice, but here is a 5,000 free GameDuell credits that I found which you should take advantage of. I’m not sure when it will expire as I don’t see an expiration date. This is for new users only. Follow these instructions to redeem your 5000 free GameDuell credits:

  1. Click this GameDuell link which will open a new window. If your popup blocker is blocking it, make sure to disable it for this site.
  2. Enter the coupon code: GAME – 5000  (take a look at the screen shot below)

Once that is done, enter the rest of the information on the form such as your username, password and email. 5000 free practice credit is a lot as you have more credits than normal new players. Use it wisely to train to get ready to play real players for real money.

Practice Players

Everyone starts out as a practice player meaning that you will play for free with free practice credits. You can think of it as free money to practice and train your skills. There are no obligations and nothing to buy when you start off as a practice player. You get to try out GameDuell with free credits before playing for real money.

Money Players

The money players has access to all of GameDuell’s game, allowed to win real money, can participate in training duels, can enter sweepstakes and drawings, and use all of GameDuell’s features. Registering as a money player is free. You may cancel your money player account at any time or just leave it as it will cost you nothing.

As a money player, you will also be able to withdraw your winnings and duel other players for real money.

Real Player Duels

There are three different type of duels with different amounts of entry fees, winnings and duration.

  1. Two player Duels – This is where two people duel against each other. The person that starts the duel can set up the entry fee. The winnings are automatically calculated from the sum of the two entry fees and given to the winner.
  2. Multiplayer Duels – The only difference between this and the two player duels is up to five people can join for Multiplayer duels.
  3. Jackpot Duel – In this event, an unlimited amount of players can join. The more people that joins, the more money the winner will end up with.

Practice players can play two player and Multiplayer duels with practice credits, but they can’t win real money. Money players can play in all three type of duels and can win money if they win.

GameDuell Games

There are a ton of games here in which you can play for real money or for free with practice credits. Here are the currently available games on GameDuell:


  • Card & Board – Maya Pyramid, Solitaire (3 versions), Spider (2 versions), Cleopatra’s Pyramid, FreeCell, Spider Pro, Zoo 21, Pyramid, Roll 5, Crazy Eights, Lame Duck, Hearts, Oh Hell, and Razzle-Dazzle
  • Action – Potion Panic, Puzzle Garden, Capt’n Torch, Jungle Jewels, Bubble Popp, Bubble Speed, Jewel Splash, Dragon Click, Fossil Fever, Fluffy, MahJong (2 versions), Polar Stars, Maya Whiz, Marbles of Olympus, 9-Ball Solo, Jetris, Captain Click, Magnoid, DartKing, Combina, Q-Bust, Soccer Match, 8-Ball Pool, and Pirate Ships.
  • Logic – Word Twist, Hidden Gizmos, Professor Mouse, Sudoku Domino, and Ghost Sweeper.
  • Mobile Games – Cleopatra’s Pyramid, Bubble Popp, Fluffy, Jungle Jewels, Maya Whiz, Maya Pyramid, and Solitaire Harmony.

New games are still being added which GameDuell will let you know via email once they become available.

Some Things You May Not Like About GameDuell

The support at GameDuell takes forever to reply to my emails. The average time it takes to reply to my emails is around 5 days. That’s too long!

Another thing I don’t like about GameDuell is that it takes too long to withdraw money. It took a month to get my money after my first withdrawal request for $50. The second time it took almost 2 months for my to get my money which was for $200. GameDuell is legit and not a scam, but I wish they would work on speeding up the process of withdrawal requests.

Thoughts About GameDuell

I guess with such a large player base (80+ million), the support and withdrawal requests for money are lacking in a lot of ways.  I still find GameDuell fun to waste time on when I’m bored.

You do not have to be a money player or duel other players for money to have fun. You can sign up as a practice player and still have tons of fun, but if you’re the type of person that likes to gamble and win real money then a money player account would be recommended. Remember though, you should never play with money you can’t afford to lose.

Either way, you can sign up for a practice account for free and try the games and duels.

Get 5000 Free GameDuell Credits

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Every time I try to download gameduell,it wont let me..I want to play Roll5. It brings up other games, not roll 5..I also tried to get the free credits& it wont let me.


The Maya Quest game ci is under construction…love this game but can’t go onto next level … So want to continue with this game( got gold ) in all levels I played but can’t move on due to “construction”….


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