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Reviewed By Nathan Watson Gaming

Cards Against Humanity is a fun and awesome card game, but at the same time so wrong! It’s not for people who are easily offended as it will try and offend gender, race, politics, etc… by using profanity, suggestive themes and lots more. Your parents will definitely find it offensive, but it’s still worth getting it. It’s very fun to play cards against humanity with a group of friends.

As I’ve already said, Cards Against Humanity is a party card game for horrible people that likes to have fun with jokes. It’s despicable and gets awkward at times with you and your friends. Basically, for each round one player will ask a question from a black card which contains a fill in a blank or a question and everyone else answers it with their funniest white card. For example, a black card contains something like “What will always get you laid” and from the white card, you pick out the best and funny response such as “Tiny nipples“. This is one of the more clean jokes that I picked as there are a lot of dirty, foul, and suggestive cards. It’s fun!

Get Cards Against Humanity For Free

You can get the card game for free if you download the Cards Against Humanity PDF. This is provided free for charge from the author of Cards Against Humanity. The author states that it will cost about $10 if you choose to make it by yourself. I like how the company wants people to just play the card game, even if they don’t make money from it. Honestly, I think it’s better to get the card game at Amazon for just $25 without the hassle of making it yourself.

How To Play

  • Each person will get 10 white cards. These are answer cards
  • Each turn someone takes the role of the Card Czar and draws a black card. These are question cards. They will contain a question or fill in the blanks
  • The Card Czar will read out the question card to the whole group. Each player answer the question by passing one white card (answer) face down to the Card Czar.
  • The Card Czar now shuffles all the answer cards and reads them out loud in a humorous fashion and picks out their favorite one
  • If the Card Czar selects your card as the best answer, you will get to keep the black card as one Awesome point.
  • For each round, a new player will become the Card Czar and repeats the process above

The Game play is simple, but at the same time very fun and will provide a lot of laughs.

Where To Get Cards Against Humanity

You can get The Cards Against Humanity on Amazon for $25 (actual card game) OR you can download the PDF of the answers & questions and make it yourself for $10. If you get it on Amazon, here’s what’s included in the package:

  • 550 cards – 460 white cards and 90 black cards
  • 13+ duodecillion possible rounds with 6 players
  • These cards are professional printed on premium playing cards
  • Game rules and alternate rules included in a custom box

Everyone Loves The Card Game!

I’ve played this game with all of my friends and they all love it. This game will provide you and your friends with lots of laughs and even awkward moments. Basically, it feels like you are sitting around just telling jokes which is just fun.

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