TomTom Runner GPS Watch: The Ultimate Training Partner Review

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3.38 Star Rating
Reviewed By Nathan Watson Gadgets

Model #: 1RR0.001.00

TomTom Runner GPS Watch is a new release of TomTom designed specifically for all runners to easily track their performances in all types of environment. Runners can either use this device for indoor uses like on treadmills or outdoor uses on roads or harsh terrains. This awesome device will gives an extra boost of motivation to runners.

TomTom is known for their GPS Navigation in vehicles. So with this new GPS watch designed specifically for runners, it seem like they are going to revolutionize how we go for a jog or how runners train. TomTom even uses QuickGPSFix technology for this watch.


The setup for the TomTom Runner GPS Watch is very simple. All I had to do is download the TomTom software directly from the website and fill out information for keeping track of data. Information such as weight, height, measurements and age is all that is needed. After that, a quick charge of the watch and it is ready for use.

I had an extremely easy time setting this watch up. I usually despise having to sign up and create an account but I can see the benefits in doing so.


The TomTom Runner GPS Watch exhibit a very clean and simple design. I received the ones that came in grey and I love how modern it looks. These are also available in pink for people who prefers that color.

The Watch is made up of two components. The core of the watch which contains the LCD screen/navigation button and the removable strap that is used for locking the main component of the watch onto the wrist. The wrist strap is easily removable for the purpose of connecting the watch to the computer.

The main part of the watch has a very large LCD display screen that displays easily readable words and digits. The display screen is also made to be scratch proof to maintain the beauty of the watch. There is also a “One Touch Control” pad, which is connected to the LCD screen, is similar to how a d-pad functions. It controls the navigation of the watch by pressing up/down or left/right.

I feel very comfortable wearing this GPS watch. It barely weighs in at 50 grams and the design makes it very fashionable to wear everyday in a casual environment. And for those who likes to run in the dark, this watch contains a back-light that activates when pressed to create a viewable LCD display screen even at night.

Performance & Features

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch has many useful tools when I go for a run. This awesome watch has a built-in accelerometer and hi-tech sensors to work indoors with a treadmill and outdoors in many different types of terrains. All the while, logging accurate data using the graphical training partner.

When I used the graphical training partner, it helped me train far more efficiently than I would have without this watch. There are 4 extremely effective modes that I find all useful. The 4 modes consist of Zone, Race, Goal and Laps.

Zone Mode: In this mode, the watch alerts me if I am going too fast or too slow. Basically, the zone mode will help me keep a steady pace according to my heart rate. All I have to do is focus on running and the watch will keep the pace for me.

Race Mode: This mode will compare previous recorded data to show if I have increased or decreased from my previous record. I find this incredibly useful as it acts as an extra form of motivation.

Goal Mode: In goal mode, I can set a certain distance and when i reach that set distance, a vibration will inform me of when I have finally reached the targeted goal.

Lap Mode: I use this mode all the time. I can set a lap at a certain distance/location and every single time i reach that distance, a time is recorded. That equals 1 lap. And I can run as many lap as I want.

And all of the features of this watch is possible due to the QuickGPSFix technology. This is the same technology TomTom use for their satellite navigation systems. This means that the GPS signal will lock on to me completely and almost instantly. Even if I am behind or inside a building, the signal will still be locked onto me.

And last of all since this is supposedly a watch, I can use this as a regular digital watch. It has the time and date readily accessible. This watch has everything I need to have it function like a regular watch and it can transform to an ultimate trainer with a click of a button.

Data Analysis

The TomTom Runner GPS Watch allows us to sync, store and share our stats over at MySports. This was why it was needed to download the software during the setup. MySports provided me with a detailed data analysis using my running stats and delivered it to me in a positive way with advice for improvements. The accuracy of the data given were spot on. It is very impressive.

To get the a detailed data analysis, all I had to do is plug the watch into my computer and it will automatically sync. Once plugged in, I can see the distances run, time it took, calories burned and much more informative stats.

The data analysis would be perfect if it weren’t for the flawed website. When I accidentally entered the wrong data of my running logs, it would not let me delete it. I can tell that the site was rushed due to how incomplete it was. Too bad, since it has a lot of potential.

Battery Duration

TomTom has reported the battery duration of the TomTom Runner GPS Watch to be 10 hours. I tested this and the claims made seems to be accurate when used in running mode. I actually had my watch last up to 15 hours before the screen died, but I also had it on functioning as a normal watch.

The duration of 10 hours isn’t the longest available on the market but it is more than enough to sustain a great workout. I highly doubt anyone would run for 10+ hours at a time unless they are a professional.

The Pros

  • Large display screen
  • The satellite connection is fast
  • Navigation is simple
  • Tracks distance and pace very well

The Cons

  • Watch band is loose
  • The website for data analysis not fully functional

Final Verdict

This isn’t the most powerful watch for runners out there but this is the best looking one. I really feel that even if I don’t use TomTom Runner GPS Watch for running purposes, I would still wear it regularly everyday for casual uses.

But this watch is far better than a regular digital watch and it has QuickGPSFix technology, as well as extremely useful tools for me to improve my running abilities.

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This tomtom watch has a lot of amazing stuff to use. I took for a run last night and it feels really comfortable and I like how it was easy to use. The gps service is pretty cool as well. Another good thing about the tomtom watch is that the main display numbers are huge. I don’t have to focus to read the time. I like that because I don’t have the leisure to concentrate too much on a watch while running.

The only problem I had was syncing my data to mysports. Although it was a downer, I didn’t really care for it. There’s a lot of good stuff about this watch so, it makes up for it.


I am a new runner and was searching for something to help me keep a steady pace when running. I have a horrible habit of starting way too fast and getting tired early from the beginning. I could barely run a mile.

After I bought the tomtom runner, I can see my overall time and distance improve a lot! I have had this watch for 3 weeks now and I can run 9 minutes a mile for 4 miles long. It might now sound that impressive but to me it is a big achievement. I am almost ready to run my first marathon.

I am not very tech savvy, so I though this watch would blow my mind. But it turns out that it is very simple to use. All I had to do was press left, right, down and up. I like it like that. This watch is perfect for new runner like myself.


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