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The SleuthGear Recluse XT is a tiny black box DVR which measures at only 1/4 of an inch thick. It’s definitely the thinnest black box DVR I’ve ever seen. Don’t be tricked by it’s size as it’s quite powerful and comes with many features which are perfect for covert recordings.

The SleuthGear Recluse XT comes with a bi-fold wallet designed to hide the black box DVR to make it the perfect disguise for covert video recording. It’s great for recording meetings, your interactions with other people, or covert video recordings.


  • Two recording options – continuous recording and motion detection recording
  • Battery life is 4 hours
  • Comes with bi-fold wallet so you can hide the camera inside
  • It’s tiny and easy to hide! This device measures at 1/4” thick x 2″ (w) x 3.8″ (h)
  • LED status indicator
  • 16 GB Micro SD Card provides 16 hours of recording (included)
  • Time stamp on video recordings
  • Video Quality: MPEG4 640×480


It doesn’t get any easier than inserting the Micro SD Card into the camera, picking your record mode and switching the ON button to get started. All recordings are stored inside the Micro SD card.

I recommend you fully charging the battery before you start using the device. The LED will turn green once the charging is completed. It will take about three hours for a full charge if the battery is empty.


All recordings from the device is stored inside your Micro SD card. Videos are automatically saved in MPEG4 format in 640×480 resolution so you can easily upload them to video sharing websites like YouTube without having to convert the video files. This is great for people who are into video sharing.

For Windows users, you can use Windows Media Player to play the videos. This comes with Windows.

For Mac users, you can use QuickTime. This is included with Mac OS X.

The SleuthGear Recluse XT also comes with a video cable to connect it to the TV for people who need to test and see what’s recording in real time.


The SleuthGear Recluse XT comes with a slick design that is tiny and light. It also comes with LED status indicators which will tell you if the battery is low, when the device is in record mode, or if the charging is completed (if you’re charging the device).

The front of the Recluse XT shows the ON/OFF switch, continuous recording/motion recording switch, and the Micro SD card slot.

The side picture shows how thin the device is. It’s actually only 1/4 of an inch thick. You can see the ON/OFF switch, record modes switch, and the Micro SD card slot. The wallet is also included with the package to hide the Recluse XT device.

This is a close up shot of the camera lens, mic and the reset switch. The reset button will reset the device back to the factory default. You will need a small screwdriver or paperclip to reset the unit.

The above photo shows a close up shot of the Recluse XT hidden inside the covert wallet sitting on a table. You can see the cameras lens, but only because it’s a close up shot. From a distance, you can’t see it as the camera is black and blends in well with the wallet.

You may notice the mic and the auxiliary switch on the SleuthGear Recluse XT, but it does not record audio as it’s illegal to record audio without a person’s permission. Most video recordings without audio are legal with or without consent. Don’t take this as legal advice though and do your research.

Overall, I’m impressed with the design. It’s tiny which is perfect for a covert video camera, but still comes with all the features you need.

Recording Modes

  • Continuous Recording  – You will get 4 hours of recording with this mode on. Recorded videos will be split into 10 minutes videos. After 10 minutes, the device will automatically save the recorded file and start recording a new file.
  • Motion Recording – If motion is detected for 3 seconds, the device will start recording. The recorded videos are also split into 10 minutes videos just like the continuous recording mode.

Both recording modes works well and does exactly what it’s suppose to do.

Video Quality

The video quality is MPEG4 640×480. Although it’s not HD, the video quality is still good. Here’s a video recorded by that shows the Recluse XT in action:

As you can see, the video quality is good and you can see everything. I still wish the video was in high definition though as everything these days are in high definition, but it’s not a deal breaker.

The Recluse XT Comes with…

  • The Recluse XT device
  • 16GB Micro SD Card
  • Covert Wallet
  • Video Cable
  • USB Cable
  • USB Adapter
  • DC Jack

It basically comes with everything you need to get started. It comes with a large 16GB Micro SD card which will get you 16 hours worth of video footage. The device itself will last about 4 hours on a full charge, but you can add an additional 30 hours of battery life with the External Battery Pack if you need it.


The SleuthGear Recluse XT is a solid product for a covert recording device. It also comes with a wallet to hide the device. The SleuthGear Recluse XT is tiny and small so it doesn’t stand out when you are doing covert recordings.

I have nothing to complain about as it’s really well made, works great, and comes with all the features you need in a covert video recording device.

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I’ve never seen just like this slim design DVR!!! Really nice quality video recording and hide it perfectly by name card wallet.


Nice review Tony! The video quality is very good for such a small device. With the extended battery it is great for long term applications like monitoring your nanny or finding out if someone is going through your office at work.

Here’s a link to pick up the Recluse XT with free 2-Day FedEx shipping:


$225? damn that’s expensive


Veneron – Tony is giving one away. Enter for your chance to win!


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