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The SJ1000 is an action camera that records 1080P 30FPS HD video & audio and takes 12MP still photos with a battery life of 80 minutes on a full charge. The SJ1000 is listed at under $100 which makes it a cheap alternative to the GoPro. It records video at 1080P, comes with a waterproof case, many mounts for every occasion and it’s a quality action camera that comes with many features.


  • 1080P 30 FPS HD video & audio recording
  • 140 degrees wide angle and 12 megapixels still shots
  • 80 minutes battery life
  • Comes with waterproof casing and multiple mounts
  • Includes LCD screen & G-Sensors
  • Motion detection features
  • Can also be used as a Dash Camera
  • Can also be used for home security
  • Compatible with up to 32GB SD Card


The action camera features a very small, lightweight and simple design. The device itself measures at 7cm height, 4.5cm width, and 3cm thick.

The front of the action camera shows the camera lens, microphone and speakers.

The back shows a slick LCD screen for accessing the menu, previewing recordings, and more.

The side shows the Micro SD slot, menu button and power switch.

The other side shows the up/down button, HDMI input, and USB port.

This is where the battery goes. The battery is removable so you can carry extra batteries.

This shows the SJ1000 with the waterproof case attached. You can still access most of the functions with this waterproof cased on.

Overall, it’s a nicely design action camera.

Video & Audio Quality

The video quality was a lot better than I expected. I didn’t expect much out of a $100 action camera, but was pleasantly surprised. You may have to play with the exposure setting for different lighting environments for the best possible video quality especially for night time use.

This action camera won’t record files larger than 4GB files which is around 35 minutes of video at 1080p. The camera will stop recording once the target size of 4GB is reached.

If you want to record more than 35 minutes, you will have to go into settings and change the cycle recording options. It comes in 3 minutes/5 minutes/10 minutes options. The 10 minutes option will record 10 minute videos which is equal to 1.1GB files at 1080p. This will record videos on a 10 minute loop. If your memory card is full, it will delete the oldest video files first so make sure you have enough space on your SD Card.

You have the options to record your videos in 1920×1080 at 30FPS, 1280×720 at 60FPS, 848×480 at 60FPS, or 640×480 at 60FPS.

All videos will come with a timestamp by default, but can be turned off in the menu options.


There are two ways to play your recordings or view pictures taken with the SJ1000. You can either use the USB cable to connect it to your computer or view your files on the SJ1000 itself using the LCD screen.

Mounts & Accessories

The SJ1000 comes with many mounts and accessories to make it possible to mount the action camera on just about everything. It also comes with a waterproof shell for underwater recordings.

The SJ1000 Action Camera comes with the following mounts and accessories:

  • USB Cable
  • Car Charger & Wall Charger
  • Waterproof cover bracket
  • Car Suction Cup Mount
  • Bicycle mount
  • Helmet Mount
  • 3M Heavy Duty Mounting
  • Helm Seat
  • Helmet Belt
  • Screw Tools & Screws

This action camera also comes with other extras like cradles and straps. You may be a bit overwhelmed at all the options at first, but play around with them and experiment with them to fit your requirements.

Alternative to GoPro

We all know that the GoPro is the market leader and a household name for action cameras, but the SJ1000 1080P HD action camera is a great inexpensive alternative. For under $100, the SJ1000 is a great budget action camera.

The video quality and audio on the SJ1000 is excellent. The SJ1000 has less video resolution and less FPS options when compared to the GoPro. At 1080P, the SJ1000 will only record videos at 30FPS while the GoPro has the option to record videos at 60FPS at the same resolution. For action videos, 60FPS will produce higher quality videos.

Check out this video comparison recording of the SJ1000 vs GoPro HD Hero3. This is not my video. I found it on YouTube and found it interesting. Make sure you watch it in 1080P.

If price isn’t a factor when purchasing a action camera, then get the GoPro. If price is a deciding factor for you, then you can get the SJ1000 1080P HD action camera for 1/3 of the price of a GoPro. The SJ1000 does it’s job well for recording action videos at 1080P HD.

Other Uses For The SJ1000

Many of us don’t plan on using our action cameras everyday, so here are some alternative uses for the SJ1000 when you are not using it as a action camera.

  • Still Photo Shots – This device can take 12MP photos. The photos comes out good, but photos from smartphones these days are better. This is still a good backup option though.
  • Home Surveillance Camera – Since the SJ1000 has a motion detection feature, you can turn on motion detection mode and use it as a home surveillance camera. When this featured is enabled, the camera will record 10 seconds of video until more movement is detected. If movement is detected within 10 seconds, the timer will reset and will continue to record for another 10 seconds.
  • Car Recorder – You can use the SJ1000 as a car camera recorder with the included car suction cup mount and car charger.
  • Webcam – You can use the SJ1000 as a webcam for your computer. Just connect the USB cable to your computer and select “PC Camera” on the LCD screen.  There is no webcam drivers or software included, so you will have to go and find yourself a webcam software if you plan on using this feature on your computer. I did a simple test on video chat websites and it does work without having to install additional drivers or software. This was tested on Windows 7

Final Thoughts

The waterproof case is a great additional to the action camera. It comes in many mounting options to fit every occasion. The video quality and audio is great.

The only problem I had with the action camera is the 35 minutes clip length limit which stops recording after 35 minutes. Not a big deal as you can easily fix this by changing the cycle recording options to 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

For under $100, the SJ1000 is one of the best action cameras I’ve seen. It’s great for people who only plan on using their action camera a few times a year and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a action camera. This is a great buy for under $100.

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Searched the planet for a replacement battery for mine. No success. Pity as it’s a brilliant little action cam.


Just bought one on eBay for £48.00. Great price. I agree that the instructions are not the best but hey, that’s what the internet is for. Right? Mounted it on my car dash and set it for 720. Very good playback on my Laptop. Now to find somewhere to mount it on my motorbike.

Philip Robbins
November 6, 2014 11:40 pm

I think that this is an excellent review as is the camera. However, the “how to do it” documentation leaves a lot to be desired. I have been going crazy trying to set the time and date on this camera but to no avail. If anyone knows where there are some simple printed instructions, I would be very appreciative. Someone might consider doing a short video on doing these settings. I am sure there are a lot of people like myself who buy these gadgets who are not as familiar with the basic stuff as are the experts who assume that everyone knows it.


This info is different from techmoan. He says the battery goes 2hrs 15min & can go 2 & 1/2 hrs. Ppl here are saying shorter. Theres no mention of a 35min record time either. Up to 32gb memory card? Guess theres no point in getting more than 16gb or less. I wonder if I should even buy one.


I find that I lose a lot of footage for no apparent reason. I think I’m recording but when I get home it shows nothing recorded. Also I get an error message on my computer saying that Quicktime can’t read the file. But sometimes it does. All in all I’ve only been able to record about 25% of what I set out to record. The rest is a frustrating disappointment. I also find that the attachments for mounting are very fragile, the battery doesn’t last more than an hour if I’m lucky, and when I order replacements for these things it takes about a month to get them from China. If the battery runs out of power while I’m recording I lose everything. If I remove the battery to replace it with a fresh one I lose everything. When I charge the battery it only shows three quarters full even if I charge it for two days straight. The camera rattles around inside the case so you have to stuff tissues in there to keep the rattling sound from driving you nuts on playback. The little threaded metal thing that is inserted in the case was put in there in such a position that I can never really tighten the attachment fully without risking breaking it, and getting the metal thingy out of there to reposition it it impossible. Finally, I’ve had the sticky pads weaken and the whole thing fall off my helmet while on the highway with my motorcycle. I guess I got a lemon.


I’m having a hard time getting quality video out of mine. Maybe someone can give some pointers?

Ellice henderson
April 14, 2014 8:58 pm

Marvellous camera ,astounded at the resolution. Sometimes slippery to hold but use a clip on back to give some grip. Difficult to view screen in bright light but this is par for the course with the majority of cameras unless you use a hood! You overcome this problem by memorizing button presses. No problem.


I use this great little camera to record my daily commute rides on my motorcycle. (video evidence in case of accidents) The camera is recording for the entire 50 minute journey at 1080P. However, it does indeed stop at 35 minutes and then starts up again immediately to record the rest of the trip. I use an 8GB micro SD card.


My SJ1000 will stop at 35 minutes and does not continue. I have to use the cycle recording feature.


Superb value for money and gives truly excellent results both when used as a Dash-Cam or Chest mounted when riding my bike ,highly recommended.

Nuno Correia
March 10, 2014 9:25 am


Can you please let me know if there is any option to perform a time-lapses (configure a interval in seconds to take photos sequentially) with this camera?

Best regards


Amazing little camera this is, took it for my skking trip in Jan, when I go again in April I’m taking a second battery, not the Cams fault, get around 1 1/2 hours worth of footage normally , just hight altitude & the colds fault.

The only negative would be the accessories(crap) , however with one small tweak you can use all the go pro kits, top hemet , front facing hemet mount & ski pole mount. Can be picked up off eBay for next to nothing (25 quid for the lot)

Best ever £60 ive spent, can’t really fault it for the price. All in £85, saves me 100’s compared to purchasing the go pro




Who makes it? What is the name of the manufacturer?


I could be wrong, but most likely it’s Shenzhen Hongfeng Century Technology Co. Ltd (


this looks like a great value for the price. i would still get the gopro if you plan on using your action cam for a long time


nice looking camera


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