Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector Review

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3.88 Star Rating
Reviewed By Nathan Watson Gadgets

The Escort Passport 9500ix is a premium Radar/Laser detector that is highly intelligent and very effective. The 9500ix model will detect all types of speed enforcement radars such as X, K, Ka, and Ku from both the front and rear. The 9500ix radar detector also eliminates false alarms by locking out false locations. This information is stored so you won’t be alerted for false alarms.

The Passport 9500ix’s GPS system uses the same satellites used for GPS navigation devices to pinpoint your location and compares it to the detector’s database of red light and speed camera locations. As you approach a threat, the radar detector will provide you with an instant audible and visual alert. You will never be caught off caught by hidden speed traps or speed cameras because of the GPS features.

A couple of years ago, you would be able to just go out and get a cheap radar detector under $50 and it can detect signals in the X band radio frequency which were used by law enforcement back then. These days, you will rarely find anyone in the law enforcement using the X band frequency meaning the cheap radar detectors are no longer effective. If you are still using a old school radar detector, then it’s time to upgrade your device before you get caught speeding.


  • Artificial Learning – The 9500ix features an auto learning technology that will scan for radar threats and associates the specific frequency of an alert to a specific GPS location. If the radar picks up a frequency from a flagged location three times, it will black list it by adding it to it’s database. This will eliminate false alerts. Lots of radar detectors are victims of false alerts. This is the reason why I abandon my old radar/laser detector.
  • Voice and high resolution display alerts – As you approach a threat, the 9500ix will alert you with a distinct alert for the particular band of radar. It will also display a visual alert on the blue LED display. You can also customize the visual alerts to provide you with more information by switching to expert mode. If you want to ignore the voice alerts, you may use the Mute, Auto Mute and Auto Volume options.
  • Detects all speed enforcement radars – The 9500ix detects X, K, Ka, and Ku band radio frequency. Red light cameras, speed cameras, and laser cameras will all be detected.
  • Detects Speed Traps, Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, Laser Cameras and More – Because of it’s comprehensive database, the 9500ix has the ability to alert you of these cameras and traps. The database is updated frequently.
  • Variable Speed Sensitivity – The GPS inside the 9500ix radar detector can also measure your speed and automatically varies the radar stength for optimal radar protection.
  • Free Windshield Mount and Smart Power Cord – A windshield suction cup mount and power is included for free when you purchase the escort passport detector.
  • Updates – Escort Passport 9500ix models includes a mini USB port which can be connected to your computer USB port for updates from Escort.

Inside The Box

Here are the things that are included when you purchase the 9500ix radar detector:

  • Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector
  • Coiled SmartCord power adapter
  • Suction cup mounting system
  • Manual guide/quick reference card
  • Warranty information

It’s Legal

Radar detectors are legal to use in non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. Virginia and Washington DC are the only places in the United States that has a ban on radar detectors.

Worth It?

The Escort Passport 9500ix is currently the best detector I’ve ever owned. The 9500ix model is more sensitive than other radar/laser detectors, but it won’t alert you of a false alarm twice as it will “store” false alerts in it’s database. The reason I stopped using my old detector was because of it’s annoying false alerts, but you won’t have this problem with the Escort Passport.

The 9500ix is currently listed at $435 with free shipping which is expensive for a lot of us, but a speeding ticket is around $300 and this detector has saved me a lot, so this radar detector is more than worth the asking price. The Escort Passport 9500ix radar/laser detector is currently the best in the market and you will love it.

Buy Escort Passport 9500ix

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The passort 9500ix is flawless. It has all the features I want in a radar detector. I have a serious speeding problem and ever since I brought the 9500ix, I haven’t gotten one speeding ticket so it already paid for itself.

one time it picked up a cop and alerted me about 5 miles away so I slowed down. there was a car behind me that passed me because I was driving too slow. A few minutes later, I saw a cop pulling the car that passed me over. that was my first experience with the escort passport 9500ix, but not that last.

Daniel S. Barthel
December 4, 2012 3:43 am

This is the best radar detector you can get for this price. It definitely lives up to it’s hype. I also like how it gets rid of false alarms. I threw away my old radar detector because it kept alerting me of false alarms.


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