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The Dual View HD Car Camera DVR with GPS and G-Sensor By BrickHouse Security is the perfect solution for monitoring someone driving habits. Parents can use it watch their kid’s driving habits or employers can use it to keep watch on their employees. You can also use it for yourself for any accidents that may happen on the road as proof for your insurance company.

This Dual View HD Car Camera records in 1080p HD video with clear audio. It comes with two cameras with wide angel lenses exceeding 120 degrees fields of view which will record simultaneously giving you a complete view of everything. It also comes with GPS and G-Sensor to record the speed, location, time and motion.


  • Pivoting front and rear facing cameras. Adjustable front lens can be turned 20 degrees up and down
  • 1080p resolution video with wide-angel lenses
  • Clear video and audio
  • 2.7 inch LCD screen
  • Option to turn on/off audio for recording
  • GPS and G-Sensor to record speed, location, time, and motion
  • Recharage built-in battery that could be used as a backup power
  • Installs easily on vehicle’s windshield with the windshield mount (included)

Setting up the Dual View HD Car Camera DVR

Setting up this Dual View HD Car Camera DVR is a simple process. Just connect the car adapter, GPS logger, and a micro SDHC card into the dual view car camera to start recording. After that, just connect it to the car mount to attach it to your vehicle’s windshield. You can adjust the front lens up/down and the windshield mount to find the perfect angle.

All videos will be stored on a micro SDHC card so make sure you have one laying around because this package does not include one. This Dual View HD Car Camera will not work without a micro SDHC card.

The default settings are perfect for most people. If not, you can go into the menu settings and change the record mode, time, video standard, audio on/off, g-sensor sensitivity, and more.


The design is nice, small in size and light in weight. It comes with a 2.7″ LCD screen with a built-in microphone to record audio. The LCD screen is used for monitoring the front & back cameras, playback recorded videos, and changing the car camera settings. Here are two pictures showing the front and back of the car camera:

The front lens are adjustable and can be turned up and down without the need to unmount the device.

Here’s a side picture of the device showing where the micro SDHC, GPS, and power adapter connects to:

The design of the Dual View HD Car Camera DVR By BrickHouse Security is a nice, small and simple. This car camera does not stick out as it’s small in size and light in weight. The color also blends in well with most car.

Video & Audio Quality

This device records high-definition 1080p video so I can’t really complain about the video quality. You can record videos as a split screen with both cameras in operation, front camera only, or back camera only.

The audio is clear so you can hear everything that is going on. During my tests, I can clearly and loudly here the music in my car playing in the background. I can also hear myself and other people talking in my car.

A 13 minute video took approximately 1GB worth of space, so make sure your micro SDHC card is big enough if you plan on recording long videos.

GPS & G-Sensor

The GPS and G-Sensor feature of this Dual View HD Car Camera is great. By plugging this into your car camera, The GPS will be able to determine your current location, speed, and time.

The G-Sensor will be able to detect and record any sudden motion or speed changes. This means that any sharp braking or rapid acceleration will be detected by the G-Sensor. When G-sensor notices an impact, it will automatically mark the current footage for safekeeping so it doesn’t get deleted by loop recording.

Software & Playback

There are two ways to playback the videos you have recorded: The device itself or a card reader. I prefer using a card reader and viewing the video on my computer as there are more features when compared to viewing it on the car camera’s LCD screen.

Your micro SDHC card will be formatted to include everything needed to view the DVR files so you don’t have to worry about installing or downloading additional software on your computer. The software included is called X2 Player which will be used to playback all of your files.

You can view your videos as a split screen with both cameras in operation, one screen with just the front camera in operation, or one screen with just the back camera in operation.

If you had the GPS plugged into the car camera while it was in operation, you will be able to see the speed, location, time, and the G-Sensor data while the video is playing. You must be connected to the internet to be able to view the location on Google Map.

You can also convert the DVR video files to .AVI format to share with your friends and family. Overall, it’s a  good software.


  • Design is nice and small
  • Video and audio quality is excellent
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Software comes with a lot of features
  • GPS and G-Sensor is able to determine your current location, speed, time and motion
  • Converting DVR video files to .AVI format is a simple and quick process


  • Micro SDHC card is not included with package
  • The device had trouble recording/viewing with the rear-facing dash cam at night due to bad lighting


The Dual View HD Car Camera DVR with GPS and G-Sensor By BrickHouse Security performed better than I expected.

The video and audio is clear. The GPS and G-Sensors worked great. You can adjust the the front cameras up/down and the windshield mount to fit your needs. The device itself is small in size and light in weight so it doesn’t stand out which is a plus.

Overall, it’s a great device to monitor your kids, employees or even yourself.

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