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GelaSkins is my favorite site to get skins and cases for my iPhone. GelaSkins also supports pretty much all smart phones, iPod, popular laptops, gaming devices, tablets & eReaders and much more. These designs are custom made by 150+ different artists and the skins and cases are of high quality. The skins are ultra-thin and looks absolutely stunning, but provides little to no protection if you drop your phone. No worries though since they also offer hard cases which provides a bit of protection and are still thin enough to look good. The cost of the GelaSkins starts at $14.95 and the hard cases starts at $29.95. If you are looking for GelaSkins coupons then here are some discounts you may like…


Currently Active GelaSkins Coupons

I will add more coupons when GelaSkins provides me with them so check back later for more.

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Applying The GelaSkins

The GelaSkins skins are like stickers in which you stick on your phone. The skins are thin, but are made of high quality. Here’s a video on how to apply the GelaSkins.

GelaSkins are one of a kind covers

I don’t like buying the same case for my phone that everyone uses even if it looks nice. That’s why I love GelaSkins and their unique skins and covers. If you want an even more unique designs, you can even create your own GelaSkins.

Create Your Own GelaSkins

There are over 150+ artists with amazing designed skins and cases, but GelaSkins also gives you the options of designing your own personalized GelaSkins. Here are the steps to creating your very own skin or case.

  1. All you need to do is select your device (phone, laptop, gaming device, etc…)
  2. Upload an image or select one of GelaSkins images
  3. Use their designer tool to move the image, change the size or even add messages to your skin
  4. Once done, use the preview button to see your final product then add to cart once you are done

That’s it. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Protecting Your Phone With GelaSkins

The skins will provide little to no protection to your devices so don’t expect much from them. The skins are just there to make your device look a lot better. The only thing they can protect your device from are scratches. If you want more protection, I would upgrade to the hard cases which are a bit thicker and provides more protection.

Final Thoughts on GelaSkins

The aim of GelaSkins is to make your devices unique from everyone else and at the same thing have the best looking device. The only downfall to the GelaSkins is it provides little protection which most users don’t need anyways. The GelaSkins designs are what makes it stand out from the rest of the others. I  recommend GelaSkins to anyone wanting to make their smart phone or other devices come alive with unique designs.


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