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Chegg is your one stop for renting textbooks which could save you hundreds of dollars. I don’t see the point in buying textbooks at retail price and only using it for one semester. I find it a lot smarter to rent textbooks you need for one semester only. A lot of students are now only renting textbooks to save money.

Chegg Coupon Codes for 2012

Before I start my review and experiences with Chegg, here are some coupon and discount codes that you will love. The link will open a new page containing all Chegg coupon and promo codes if they are available.

The Process of Renting Books with Chegg

Chegg makes renting and returning your books an easy process. You pick out the textbooks you want, Chegg sends them to you, and you return them with UPS (shipping is free). That’s it.

Make You Avoid The Late Returns Fee

Once you find your book, you will be given a “Due Date” in which you have to ship with UPS by. You can extend your rentals for an extra fee depending how long you want to extend it by.

Make sure you return your books by the due date or you will automatically be charged an extension fee for your rentals. Your book is counted as returned once you drop off your book at the UPS store.

Returning Books Made Easy With Chegg

Chegg has made it very easy for their customers to return books. First of all, make sure you keep the box and package that came with the book because you can reuse it to ship the books back. Follow these steps to return your books:

  1. Log into your Chegg account and select the books you want to return.
  2. Print the UPS shipping label & the Invoice.
  3. Package up your books and attach the shipping labels that you printed out. UPS shipping label goes outside and the invoice goes inside the box.
  4. Drop off your package at any UPS store. You do not have to pay for any shipping fees. Chegg will get charged for it if you printed out the UPS shipping label in step 2

Damage and Lost Books

Chegg expects some type of damage and ordinary wear from their books. They even allow you to highlight the books. Although if the book contains too much damage as in torn pages, you will have to purchase the price of the book minus your rental fees.

If a book is lost, you can replace it by finding an identical book in similar conditions and they will accept it.

Keeping & Purchasing A Book

If you would like to keep a book that you have rented, Chegg can sell you the book for the purchase price and will minus the rentals fee that you have paid. This means that you will never pay for more than the purchase price of the book.

Sell Your Textbooks to Chegg

If you have old textbooks that you aren’t using laying around, then sell them to Chegg for extra cash. It’s a simple process. You basically go to Chegg and check if they want your book. If they do, you print out a shipping label (you never pay for shipping), and send the book to Chegg. Once they get the book, you will receive the money for the book.

Why Rent Inside Of Buy?

If you don’t plan on keeping textbooks for memories sake, then renting textbooks is the way to go. You can save hundreds of dollars by renting textbooks, so why not do it?

Final Thoughts On Chegg

I never keep my textbooks when buying it from the campus bookstore. Normally at the end of the semester, I would sell it back to the campus for a few dollars. That’s how most of the students did it back then and that’s how I always did it. That was until I found out about Chegg…

I’ve been using Chegg for two years and it’s saved me hundreds of dollars during that two year period.  It’s great that they are saving students so much money on textbooks by allowing them to rent rather than buy.

After using Chegg for two years, I can see why it’s the #1 online textbooks store. I would recommend this place for all students that want to save money.

If you’ve missed the coupon codes I posted earlier, here it is again… Chegg Coupon Codes

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I’ve been using Chegg since freshmen year and I’ve saved around $450. It’s a great website for college students


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