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4.75 Star Rating
Reviewed By Nathan Watson Computer

I’ve been with newshosting for over six years now and it gets better and better as time pass. They are always upgrading their services to stay at the top. The retention, the speed and the support is as good as it gets for this price. I’ve seen the retention go from around 300 days (when it first started) to days (now). I’m sure that it will increase even more as time goes by since they are always upgrading their hardware.

Newshosting Lifetime Discounts

These are lifetime coupons which will last until you cancel your subscription. Unlike other services which only provides savings for the first month, these coupons will save you money each month until you cancel your newshosting subscription.

Features Of Newshosting

  • Days Retention – That’s over 5 years! This means that you can download files from 4 years ago.
  • Unlimited Speed – You can download as fast as your internet service provider will let.
  • Unlimited Data Transfer – If you pick the unlimited plans which starts at $9.99/month (with coupon), which I recommend you do if you plan on downloading a lot, then you can download as much data as you want
  • 99% Completion – The completion of files is over 99%. I rarely see any of my files incomplete
  • 30 Connections/60 Connections – Lets you use up to 30 connections (Unlimited plan) or 60 connections (XL Powerpack Plan). I never use that much though. I only use 10 connections, but I guess it’s good to have that option.
  • Free SSL Encryption – Keep outsiders from spying on you. SSL encryption keeps your ISP or other sources from spying on what you are downloading.
  • Free Newsreader – You don’t need to spend extra money on a newsreader as Newshosting provides you with one for free.
  • Server Farms in North America & Europe

Security with SSL

Don’t let your Internet Service Provider know what you’re downloading. Stay safe with 256-bit SSL encryption provided by Newshosting free of charge. Other usenet providers will charge you for this, but with Newshosting, it’s 100% free. Newshosting does not keep server logs, so they will not know what you are downloading.

This is an important feature that you should look for when searching for Usenet providers if you don’t want your ISP to spy on your downloads.

Newshosting Newsreader

Even though Newshosting newsreader is free, it’s actually very good and showing a lot of promise as they continue to upgrade it. You will get this newsreader software for free if you join one of Newshosting’s plans. Here are some features you might like:

  • FREE
  • Integrated search feature letting you search files you want
  • Automatic repairs files that have been damaged or incomplete if needed.
  • Preview videos even before you finish downloading them
  • Automatic updates itself meaning you don’t have to worry about having the latest version
  • Automatic decompression once your files are completed

Newshosting Pricing/Plans

Newshosting comes with three plans… XL Power Pack (19.95/month), Unlimited ($14.95/month),  and Lite ($10/month). For a bigger savings, make sure you use the Newshosting coupon code at the end of this post.

Features XL Power Pack w/EasyNews Unlimited Lite
Price $19.95/Month $14.95/Month $10/month
Unlimited Unlimited 50GB/month with rollover
Retention Days Days Days
256 Bit
Free Free Free
Speed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

60 30 30


Newshosting Support Is Amazing

I normally don’t go into details about support, but the support at Newshosting is amazing. I’ve had a couple of problems and questions during the six years I’ve been with them and each time I sent an email to support, they would reply within 1 hour. One time, I had my support ticket answered within 10 minutes!

They offer 24/7 support with great support people behind them. I’ve only used support a few times over the years, but each person was very helpful and friendly.

Newshosting Free Trial

If you are still deciding on choosing Newshosting, then sign up for Newshosting free trial which lets you use their service for 14 days or 30GB (whichever comes first). It’s a limited time offer, so take advantage of it while it’s still available.

Newshosting Coupon

Even without and coupons or discount codes, Newshosting is still the best in pricing for the service it provides, but if you want to save money, you can use the link below saving you 33% monthly or 44% yearly.

I recommend you sign up for the Unlimited Plan which comes with unlimited data transfer, unlimited speeds, free SSL encryption, 30 connections, days retention for only $9.99/month or $99.99/year. This should suit most users. This is the plan I’ve been using for six years and I download a lot! Never had a problem with speeds, completion or anything.

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Christopher Torres
March 14, 2013 4:31 am

Thank you for the coupon, instead of having to pay $15/month for the unlimited plan… I only had to pay $10/month! that’s a big saving


Newshosting is cheap, support is great, 1600+ retention, unlimited speed and data which is all you need.

I would recommend newshosting to anyone looking for a usenet provider


Good review, I’ve been with newshosting for 2 years and I can’t find a single complaint. They are just perfect.

I was with giganews before newshosting and I’m glad I made the switch. Giganews is overhyped and overpriced.


Funny, I fell for giganews advertisting too when I was new to usenet and thought giganews was the greatest ever. Newshosting is 10 times better


I have to say that newshosting is easily the best usenet provider out there. Unlimited speed and data, 99% files completion and long retention. What more can you ask for?

Thanks for the coupon link, I saved a lot of money.


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