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3.67 Star Rating
Reviewed By Nathan Watson Computer

Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 is a speech recognition software which lets the user use their voice to create, edit text or interact with your Mac applications. It promises up to 99% recognition accuracy and three times faster than typing right out of the box without any addition setups. The more you use Dragon Dictate, the more it will improve as it learns from your voice.

Dragon Dictate 3 in Action

Here’s a quick two minute video that shows Dragon Dictate in action. As you can see, Dragon Dictate is incredibly accurate.

Dictation and Accuracy

Right out of the box, you can expect up to a 99% recognition accuracy without any additional tweeting. As you use Dragon Dictate 3 more, the software will learn from you and it will continue to improve on it’s accuracy as it adapts to your voice.

Remember that you must try to speak as clearly as possible and even speak out the necessary punctuation such as “comma” or “period”. During testing, Dragon Dictate 3 handled converting my speech to text well.

Correcting and revising your dictated text is simple with it’s power correction interface that will let you quickly and easily edit words or phrases. Dragon Dictate 3 can adapt it’s format rules by learning from your format corrects such as abbreviations and more. This means your dictated text will look the way you want it every single time.


The transcription feature is another feature that was added in Dragon Dictate 3. There are no calibrations needed to use this feature as it will work right out of the box. You are allowed to dictate using a digital voice recorder or use Nuance’s free recorder app for your iOS or Android devices.

If it’s your first time using the transcription feature, Dragon Dictate will take longer than normal to analyze your recordings and recognize your voice. Once that’s done, Dragon Dictate will then listening to your recording and convert it into text which will be transferred to notepad. The only downfall to this transcription feature is that you cannot make corrections as you go. This means you can only edit your text once you are done.


Dragon Dictate 3 is easy to setup and it will continue to improve as you use it more. It handles dictating well and it has cool features that you will love. There is a learning curve for learning commands which would take some time to get used to.

Although Dragon Dictate isn’t perfect as with many other similar software, it’s still a top choice for dictation for Mac.

Where to Buy Dragon Dictate 3

Normally, Dragon Dictate 3 will sell for $199, but Amazon is selling Dragon Dictate for a big discount so I would recommend checking them out. You can use the link below to get it on Amazon.

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I haven’t used the Windows version, but the MAC version is very accurate. I had bad experiences with the support group at Dragon Dictate (Nuance) which is why I only gave it three stars.


This is the worst product for any one with a English ancect. I tried 7 and 9 and they don’t work. I returned 9 after a few days and stated it never worked and Nuance never bothered to follow up or investigate what the issues were. I don’t recommend at all


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