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CleanMyMac is one of the most advanced and easiest to use software for the Mac OS when it comes to cleaning your Mac of unneeded files. Your mac gets dirty just like any OS out there and as you continued to use your mac, the files will pile up from daily use and will slow down your Mac. These files are files the average user will not need and are just a waste of space on your mac. This is where Clean My Mac comes in and will remove unnecessary files from your computer with a simple click

CleanMyMac Features

clean my mac

  • Cache Cleaner – Cache files are meant to help content load faster, but when cache files pile up because of daily use, they will waste space and even slow down the browsing experience. CleanMyMac helps by resetting outdated cache files to zero.
  • Logs Cleaner – Removes useless logs. Log files are used to capture the activities of the applications on your Mac and services. These files will clutter your hard drive and use up space. Clean My Mac can easily find these log files that are no longer useful and remove them.
  • Universal Binaries – Do you know what the Universal Binary symbol on Mac Applications does? The symbol means that the application can run on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. CleanMyMac will let you delete these binaries since they will never be executed on your machine anyways and is taking up space. There is a strong blacklisting system in which the CleanMyMac application can automatically ignore apps since some applications will run into some problems if you clean it.
  • System Junk Files –  Clean My Mac will remove files left behind by other applications which in return will help your Mac run faster.
  • Clean Language Files –  Did you know that the majority of the applications you install will install every localized version of the application. There is no point in keeping languages you can’t even understand so CleanMyMac can free up to 70% of the size of an application just by removing the localization you will never need.
  • Completely Remove Applications – If you remove your applications the normal way, there will be a lot of files and preference files that will remain on your system which can take up a lot of space. From now on, just use CleanMyMac’s Application uninstaller which will help you remove all files which are left by applications that are no longer on your system.
  • Secure Deleting of Files – Don’t want to leave traces of files ever existing on your Mac? No problem as you can securely delete private files with a simple click with Clean My Mac.
  • Updates – Updates to the CleanMyMac software are continuously being added.
  • 50+ other features to help speed up and free space on your Mac. There are too many to list here!

Free Up Space on Your Mac!

CleanMyMac free spaceHere’s an interesting data which was shared by the average Mac user who has used Clean My Mac to clean their Mac and shared their results on Facebook and twitter. This is the average amount of data cleaned.

  • Yearly Cleaned – 258 GB
  • Monthly Cleaned – 8GB
  • Initially Cleaned – 40 GB

That’s a lot of space saved considering that the average hard drive for the Mac isn’t that large.

Clean My Mac Review

Computers these days need to be cleaned regularly to keep it clean and fast. This is where CleanMyMac comes in to help regularly clean up your system while freeing up space and helping them speed up their Macs. You don’t need to be a computer genius to use Clean My Mac as it’s built for people who want to automatically clean their Macs.

cleanmymac review

My first time using CleanMyMac was very pleasant as I freed up 17 GB worth of valuable space. The average user will free up to 40 GB. This is a huge amount of space in which you can use them for music and movies instead of wasting space and slowing down your Mac.

I found that the CleanMyMac application was asy to use and the design was very slick. The features and options are neatly arranged so even the beginner Mac users will be able to effectively use Clean My Mac.

The app can also automatically clean your trash and alert you when your disk space is having problems in which they are starting to build up.

CleanMyMac is a simple to use application which does everything needed to keep your Mac in top shape and keeping your disk space in check. You should run CleanMyMac once a week to keep your Mac is running fast and saving your disk space.

The CleanMyMac software will cost you $14.95 for 6 months or $29.95 for a lifetime license. I would get the lifetime license as it comes with free updates meaning you would never have to worry about your Mac running slow or out of space again. You can also download and try CleanMyMac for free before purchasing the application.


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