Looking For Stock Photos? Try Veer

One of my favorite places to get stock photos for cheap is Veer. You can choose from millions of images and thousands of fonts with Veer. They are even offering 10 free credits if you register with them today. They have images for pretty much everything. It will be hard to not find what you are looking for at Veer.

What is Veer?

Veer is a marketplace for stock images and font buying website for designers and bloggers who wants cheap stock photos. It’s been online since 2009 and Veer basically sells stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and fonts.

  • Veer.com is a subsidiary of Corbis which is a well established within the stock photos business
  • Photos, illustrations, vectors and fonts are inexpensive
  • Search features with keyword suggestion with search options and price search
  • Accepts payment by Visa, American Express, and┬áMastercard.

Images start at $2 and fonts start at $9. There are millions of images and thousands of fonts to pick from so you have a lot of options to choose from. Veer.com also offers subscriptions for their images for $229/month or $2,388/year. For subscription based customers, you are allowed to download 20 images per day.

Don’t steal photos

Don’t assume that you can just legally go to a random website and steal images off their website and use it on your own without permission. You can definitely get into legal issues. If you don’t want to pay for stock photos, you can always go the free route and get them at free stock photo websites.

Free Stock Photo Sites

Veer provides a lot more images and higher level of quality images, but if you are looking for free stock photos website, here are my top 3 favorite sites:

Free or Paid Stock Photos

It depends on what type of images you are trying to find. If you found a high quality photo at the free stock photo sites I’ve listed above, I would go the free route. If you can’t find the photos you want at the free image sites, then I would try Veer as they have millions of high quality stock photos. It’s only $2/image so it’s not a big deal.

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