How To Convert VHS to DVD Guide

There are many ways to convert old VHS to DVD such as services like iMemories which will convert your VHS to DVD for you, but today I will be showing you ways to convert VHS to DVD by yourself. There are a lot of guides out there telling you to buy a VHS to DVD recorder or buying a lot of software which is not needed and will end up costing you a ton of money. Here is the simplest and cheapest way to convert VHS to DVD…

Items Needed

  • Diamond VC500 Capture Device – This is the most important item as it will allow you to capture the video with a press of a button. This will cost you $35, but includes tools to capture videos and software to burn your videos onto a DVD. You can get the Diamond VC500 at Amazon.
  • VCR – I hope that you haven’t thrown away your old VCR as you will need it to capture the video from.
  • RCA Cables – You should have a few laying around. You will need two of these
  • Y-Cables – You will need 3 of these Y-Cables
  • CouplerThese are only $1.50 on Amazon. You only need one of these
  • DVD Writer – To burn your movies onto a DVD. The majority of computers will come with DVD Writers. If you don’t have one, I would recommend getting the Lite-On DVD Writer which will cost less than $25
  • DVD-R Discs – For burning your movies on. Verbatim Discs are my favorite.

Most likely, you will already have the DVD writer & discs so everything should cost you less than $45. Let’s get started with the VHS to DVD Guide. Videos are better than words, so here is a video which shows you how to connect the Diamond VC500 Capture Device.

Once you are done setting up the Diamond VC500 Capture Device, you should end up with a USB plug and the end of the RCA Cables. The USB plugs goes into your computer while the RCA cables connects to your VCR. This will allow you to capture what’s on the VCR onto your computer. From there, you can use the software which is included with the Diamond VC500 to record what’s on your VCR onto your computer and burn it to a disc.

Other VHS to DVD Guide

  • VHS to DVD Tutorial by Jan Vesely – Great tutorial, but requires a lot of software which will require a lot of money. Lots of pictures and guides you through the whole process.

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