LiLash – The World’s Most Popular Purified Eyelash Serum

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Reviewed By Nancy Coyle Beauty

LiLash is one of the hottest beauty products at the moment that will enhance the appearance of a women’s beautiful lashes by fortifying and conditioning lash follicles. LiLash has become an international senstion with women who wants to have lashes that will make all women jealous. You will have thicker, fuller and sexier brows.


  • The world’s most popular purified eyelash serum which gives you the sexy lashes you’ve always wanted
  • Fortifies and condition the lash follicles which enhances the natural beauty of your eye lashes
  • Get rid of the fake and messy lashes and get natural long lashes. All it takes is a swipe of your mascara and you will be ready
  • Extension wearers will love LiLash’s strengthening and conditioning formula that reduces lash breakage
  • Physician formulated. You do not need a presciption

Applying LiLash is Simple

  1. You only need to apply LiLash once a day (morning or evening) to clean dry skin. Let LiLash dry for 2-3 minutes before applying other cosmetics
  2. Remove the applicator from the tube and carefully wipe off any excess product on the inside of the tube
  3. Apply the applicator to the skin of the upper eyelid along the lash line from the inner to outer corner of your eyes (see image below). A single application stroke is all you need. Remember that LiLash is highly concentrated so little is needed to bring out the best for your lashes. lilash directions

LiLash Before & After

Here’s a good video review on LiLash which shows the transformation of LiLash growth serum over the span of three months. The video will last 3 minutes so make sure you watch the whole thing.

LiLash Pricing

LiLash will cost you $139.97 which is a bit on the expensive side, but one tube will last around 5-6 months which is a long time. You should see results within 2 weeks and have beautiful lashes at around 8-10 weeks.

Protect Yourself From Counterfeits

80% of all LiLash/LiBrow products sold online is counterfeit. You should be careful of counterfeits because they can put your eyesight and health at risk. So if you don’t want to risk buying fake LiLash, then it’s best to get it at the official LiLash website. I know it’s tempting to buy from somewhere cheaper, but it’s not worth risking your eyesight and health over. Remember to always get it at the official website.

90- Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with LiLash/LiBrow for any reason, you can return it back to them for a full refund within 90 days. They have a lot of pride and trust in their products which is why they have a 90 day money back guaranteed. This is more than enough time to see if LiLash will work for you.

Update: LiLash is no longer being sold in the United States

Get LiLash From Official Website

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I understand it can be purchased on and eBay. Make sure it’s the real thing!

April 5, 2014 12:39 am

why is Lilash not sold in USA? Was it banned by FDA? Is there a medical reason it was banned or not allowed to be sold in US?


They were sued by Allergen, the makers of Latisse


After over plucking my eyebrows and pulling on my already thin eyelashes , my family said mum stop ! I looked like a freak ! I was drawing eyebrows in to cover up where i had gone so horribly wrong. I decided to hit the internet and find a solution. Well I did , its called lilash and lilbrow. After using it for a month I am already seeing amazing results. My eyelashes are growing and when i put some mascara on they nearly look like I’ve had extensions ! wow ! and my eyebrows are growing and filling out. Im still using a pencil to fill in areas but the eyebrows are looking so much better. I am a convert !thank goodness for this product. In a months time I will go and get my eyebrows professional shaped. How friggin exciting. At the beginning of January 2014 I looked like a freak…i had uglified myself :( but now its Feb and my eyes and eyebrows are starting to recover and grow. Thank you Lilash / lilbrow…you saved me !


I originally bought this product at the beginning of the year and it was delivered to my U.S. home. I’m ready to reorder. How do I get it if they no longer deliver to the U.S.? Are we banned now? I don’t understand.


Where you able to find the answer to your question? I am desperately trying to find how to order it too. It is the only thing that worked for me. :(

Jill Templar
May 11, 2013 11:41 am

Lilash is fantastic! Love my amazingly long eyelashes where previously there were stumps. After getting eyelash extensions and regular refills, what seems to be an expensive product, Lilash is actually reasonably priced at less than $25 per month. I’ve just started using Librow and am equally pleased with the results.


I used lilash every night before bedtime for a month as instructed. It was simple to apply. I did see results before the deadline of 30 days which lilash has promised on their homepage. Although I did see quick results in the length of my lashes, it didn’t impact the thickness of my lashes. Overall, i’m still happy with my results


I can’t believe that lilash actually worked for me. It does what it’s supposed to: made my eyelash become long within a month.

LiLash is not cheap which is why I only gave it 4 stars. I would give it perfect ratings if it was cheaper

Breanna Crawley
November 7, 2012 1:16 am

lilash is amazing! it took about a month before I could see a huge difference but I love it.


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