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The SL150 model of SOUL by Ludacris headphones is in the middle of Soul’s headphones line-up. SOUL by Ludacris also comes in the SL100 model which is their entry level model and the SL300 which are the flagship model of headphones. The SOUL by Ludacris SL150 comes with a flashy design that you can get in black/chrome, white/black, and blue. The SL150 is ideal for live-sound situations.

SOUL by Ludacris is a celebrity endorse line of trendy headphones and ear buds. Ludacris partnered with Signeo to create the Soul by Ludacris line of audio products under the Soul Electronics brand. These headphones performed a lot better than I expected.


You will notice that other brand of headphones has problems with how it’s designed which will cause an imbalance of sounds. They try to fix this by taking bass and amping it up so you won’t be able to hear a distortion even though it’s there. The SOUL by Ludacris SL150 is different.

The SL150 has an amazing balance of sound (mids, bass, low tones, high tones, etc…) that you will definitely love. For testing purposes, I played a bass testing song just to see what these were capable of doing and I got bass like I’ve never heard before. For other songs, it won’t be the same as the SL150 is balancing the sounds for those songs. You will love the sound on these headphones.

The SOUL by Ludacris SL150 aren’t completely bass headphones as these are more for your audio and music files so you can hear the music clearly. For my listening preferences, the SL150 are a perfect fit. These headphones provides pounding and rumbling bass that never clips or becomes muddy.

I didn’t expect much from the middle of the line product, but they were a lot better than I expected.

TIP: Make sure you let your new SOUL by Ludacris headphones play for a good solid 10-15 hours to loosen up the speakers and they will sound a lot better than out of the box. So don’t return them yet until you burn them in to see what they are capable of! I promise that you won’t regret it.

Design & Comfort

The SL150 is a medium-size, tri-folding headphones that features leather ear pads which were comfortable in a lot of situations. The stylish looks and robust designs of the SL150 was impressive and looks and feels better in person than in pictures. These headphones are a bit on the flashy side as the finish is very shiny and glossy.

If you’re going to use the SL150 for a few hours, you won’t run into any trouble with comfort. If you plan on using the SOUL by Ludacris headphones for 8+ hours, the rims of your ears might get sore and hurt a bit. They will also push your hair down a bit and might even cause discomfort for your head. I recommend taking a break in between if you plan on wearing these for long hours.

The cuffs on the SL150 doesn’t go completely around your ear, they go “on” your ear. These are the shape of your ears, so it’s between cupping your ears and sitting on your ears. It goes comfortably on your ears and provides a good range of adjustment. Sliders will keep their position well once adjusted.

These design also makes it so the sound doesn’t leak as much.

The Good

  • The design looks great
  • The SL150 model is surprisingly very comfortable
  • Nice balance of sound

The Bad

  • After long periods of use, the rims of your ears are going to get sore. This is after 8+ hours straight of use.
  • It’s a bit on the flashy side which some people may not like

Final Thoughts

The SOUL by Ludacris SL150 that you get from these headphones has amazing sound quality, but you won’t hear that until you use them for a good 10-15 hours to burn them in.

If you take out the noise cancellation, bass, and volume from the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio version then the SOUL by Ludacris SL150 is on par with the Dr. Dre headphones for a lower price. I’ve seen a lot of people compare these two brands a lot so I just thought I would throw it out there.

The SL150 is the perfect choice for the price for anyone looking for a mid-size headphones with an amazing balance of sound. These were suppose to be mediocre for the price, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound. You can get the SL150 on Amazon right now for a great price.

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